Friday, November 1, 2013

Nathan, I Am Your Father

{Our Halloween was good, y'all. Real good.}

Creating and nurturing life is fun and all, but let's be honest, I got into this whole parenting thing for the themed Halloween costumes. Don't judge me.

When Nathan approached me months ago about the Bauer Bunch dressing as a famous Star Wars trio, I immediately hit the Internet. I was nervous there wouldn't be Leia buns small enough for my three-month-old, but the Internet did not fail me. A pint-size Vader and an itty bitty Leia were ordered right away and we dug out my brother's taekwondo gi and my mom's brown belt for a super Luke. We wrapped his legs in ace bandages to mimic the iconic hero's boots and we made sure the light sabers were the right colors.

However, there was a moment of panic right before we went in search of candy. Wouldn't you know it, that hard-headed Owen refused to put on his dark lord jumpsuit. I knew once I got it on him he would realize how awesome it was, so with about 15 minutes worth of cupcakes, suckers, and expert mommy bribes, he was ready to go. He was against the mask, though, and I wasn't going to push it. Who'd want to hide that precious face anyway?

Before setting out on our journey into the far reaches of space (re: Nana's neighborhood), I asked my boys to stage a battle scene in the front yard. And oh my heavens, they agreed. Here are the results:

Right? Right?? Oh my goodness, my Bauer Boys had fun with this one. These two Jedi weren't the only cooperative little Skywalkers. Everyone's favorite baby princess rocked her buns like they were going out of style and woke up long enough for a quick photo shoot before strapping into her stroller and zooming away. She's still too young to use her blasters, but I know she'll have her eye on Darth Vader once she develops proper hand control. Check out my baby on her first Halloween:

I was so pleased that the weather was clear last night. It was supposed to be a gross, rainy evening, but around 3:00 pm the clouds parted and it was nothing but blue skies. My boys traveled by go-cart with their daddy and Leia and I strolled the neighborhood behind them. This was the first year Owen really understood trick or treating and he had such a blast with it. As we pulled up to every house, that little villain jumped from his seat and proclaimed, "It's showtime, Mommy!" Both guys made sure to thank each person bearing treats and Nora offered them a gummy smile.

Once their buckets were full of treats {many of which belong to me, dang peanut allergy}, we headed back to the grandparents' house for pizza. However, Nathan and Owen were pretty disinterested in dinner. They played host to the dozens of kids ringing the doorbell. Nathan loved opening the door and greeting the guests. He was so eager that he stood on the porch, yelling "TRICK-OR-TREATERS, COME HERE! WE HAVE CANDY!" Confused little Owen yelled "TRICK OR TREAT!" back at them, but he also threw in a complimentary, "Oh, nice costume!" every now and then. The only problem was with those two in charge, the candy was gone quickly. Owen's plea of "One more!" as each kid began to walk away made my parents' house a popular one.

I certainly hope your Halloween was just as happy and that this Star Wars trio has made your morning just a little brighter. Enjoy your kids' candy while they're at school today. Don't worry, I won't tell. :)

Happy Friday, y'all! Have an awesome weekend.

{PS: If you haven't gotten enough, be sure to click here for even more Halloween pics!}

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