Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Riding in Cars With Boys

{Boys of the small variety, that is.}

It was a long and lonely commute to work this morning.

The highway was gorgeous today. Bright orange and yellow leaves hung heavy over me as I sped through the twists and turns, past cows, horses, and fields still sparkling with frost. There were no other cars in my path as I made my way from one city to another for this week's Wednesday at work. Music played from the radio station of my choice, and I had nothing but time to listen and think. It was a quiet half hour.

Too quiet.

My little ones stayed home today as their daddy is on vacation and their Grammy and Poppy are down for a quick visit. On the ride into town today, I found that my ride is different when they're not visible in the review mirror, especially that little backseat driver of mine. I found that I missed him terribly.

I missed hearing him recite every line to Kung Fu Panda for the 800th time, I missed him asking me to change the radio station every few minutes. "Not that song, Mommy. That other song!" I missed him fudging all the words to pop's greatest hits. Did you know Lorde wants everyone to call her Green Bean in her smash hit, Royals? You didn't? Well, now you do. I missed him asking me to find the tags on his blanket while I'm watching the road and he is perfectly capable of locating tags. I missed knowing the color of every tractor we passed and learning which cows were the spooky ones and which were the nice ones. I missed his actual backseat driving.

"Stop sign, Mommy! Light is yellow, Mommy! That car is going, Mommy, go!"

Every single bit of it, y'all. Over the past six years of my life {and more recently, the past four months}, I have come to learn that my life is noisy. My life is loud and it's in-your-face. It can be tiring, annoying, and frustrating, but despite it all, I love it. I might not always like every second, but I wouldn't trade any part of it for the world. I created all of this noise and my place is right in the middle of it.

All that being said, if someone were to take my loud children on a day in which I do not have to commute to work, I really wouldn't mind one bit. I'd like to try one of those nap things I keep hearing about.

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