Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving is only seven days away. It's time to get literal.

In recent years, many of my Facebook friends have jumped aboard the train of stating one thing they're thankful for each day in November. It's an awesome concept and a great way to make yourself look at the big picture for a few minutes a day. I've enjoyed reading everyone's updates, but I will report that I am not participating.

I can barely remember to shower, what do you expect from me?!

As I've been reading through everyone's blessings the past three weeks, one particular friend caught my eye. She's doing things a bit differently this year. Instead of going through the motions of being thankful for her kids, her husband, her job, etc., she has forced herself to think outside the box. Her posts have not been robotic or rushed, but have brought insight to those who read them and I'd imagine to her, as well. Out of pure inspiration, I decided to smush all of November into one post. I'm not going to force 21, but I'll make it an even 10. Multiples of five are my favorite.

I am thankful for...

  1. Photographs. I've recently been looking through photo albums from my mom's side of the family that date to the late 1800s. I've seen photographs of Nora's namesake, who just happens to be my great-great-great-grandmother. It's incredible to see her at my age. It's incredible to see where we come from.

  2. Seasons. Living in Arkansas is pretty much my favorite. The showstopping change from one season to the next is amazing, and you better believe all four are represented hard around here. A rainy summer has given way to the most gorgeous fall I have seen in years. Maybe ever. For real, y'all, look outside and tell me I'm wrong.

  3. Dirt. My home was built on top of it. I grow food in it. I watch my children play in it. There's just something about the sun on my neck and dirt underneath my fingernails as I dig into the ground and get a new season started. {I say this on a chilly, rain-soaked November day. Sigh.}

  4. Milano Cookies. Does anyone know why these are so good? Are they magic? Every time I open a package and bite into that crispy wafer of goodness, my mind is able to block all raucous noises and peace overcomes. Move over, Calgon.

  5. Coffee. I have never been a coffee drinker, but now that the Bauer Four has become the Bauer Five, I couldn't survive my SAHM Fridays without it. Less sugar than a Coke, so it's healthier, right? Oh, who am I kidding, an ice cold Coca Cola classic deserves its own place on this list.

  6. Trees. It's pretty humbling to look up at a living organism that has been around for a hundred years. Roots stretch deep in the same place it was planted. Branches grow into the wild blue and the change of seasons bring back its leaves every spring. Sometimes, it's nice to feel small.

  7. Small Towns. There's no place I would rather live than in my cozy little house on the highway that runs through my sleepy town. Growing up, many of my friends were itching to transition to a place where no one knows their name. I was ready to spread my wings, too, but I had every intention of coming back. Not to the same town, but to the same type of village, the same sense of community.

  8. The Internet. Okay, I'll admit before anyone else that this crazy contraption is the worst time-suck in history, but it sure is fantastic. I can know the weather with the click of a button, reconnect with an old friend by tapping a screen, and learn anything and everything my little mind desires. Also, hello, it gives me a chance to share my story and connect with each of you. Yay, Internet!

  9. Windows. Although I don't fly from the bed to throw back the drapes and declare it a perfect day, I do make it a point to notice the sun peeking through the treetops every morning. Seeing past my windowsill makes me realize how much more there is to this world than my bubble. And seeing the sun rise is a pretty good indicator that I'm alive.

  10. Water. A good spot next to a small pond with a fishing pole in hand, a breeze in the air, and a chorus of bugs sounds like a dream to me. Throw in a husband and maybe a kid or three and we're all set. Whether it's lying on the shore of a salty sea, drifting in a backyard swimming pool, or taking a pontoon boat across a lazy lake, the water speaks to me. Feeds my soul and whatnot.

BONUS Here are a few quickies that didn't make the cut: blue skies, slow mornings, hour-long phone calls, dirt roads, date nights, baby kisses, honeysuckle, tomatoes from the vine, pajama days, pizza nights, my comfy bed, the feeling of being loved, and {of course} that Bauer Bunch of mine. Hope y'all enjoyed it. Now go have yourselves a great Thursday. Better get to work on that shopping list!

What are you thankful for this year?
{Thanks for the idea, Sarah!}

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