Friday, November 15, 2013

The Bauer Friday Five

I figured it's a good time to link up with Darci from The Good Life Blog for her ever-popular Five on Friday.
It is Friday, after all. Let's celebrate with five tiny posts since I'm too lazy to turn them into whole posts. Yay!
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{DISCLAIMER: There are deer antlers from a dead deer featured in this post. Nothing gory at all, and only a hint of fur.
I cropped the photo just for you, but if you don't want to see it, skip this post. Or at least read through number three?}

ONE: Let's start with the most exciting part of today, which would be choosing a winner for my first giveaway. Several readers were hungry to win a credit to one of my favorite Etsy shops, but alas, only one person could win. The winner was chosen via and just happened to be someone I've known since grade school. Congratulations to MONICA F. whose name was pulled out of the digital hat before I tended to any child this morning {hey, I was really excited!}. Don't fret if you didn't win, though, from now until the end of November, any of my readers can use the code BAUERBUNCHFREE and receive free domestic shipping. Go ahead and click here to head to the shop and check off some names on your Christmas list. I'll probably be right behind you. Headbands and hairbows and bloomers, oh my!

TWO: Remember last Thursday when I wrote a post about starting the potty train tango? I am well aware that potty talk is a faux pas but you should know by now I don't adhere to such rules. It's been exactly one week without diapers and Owen is doing great. Every so often we battle the "But I too little" argument, but he's done an impressive job so far. This is a long way from my last potty training experience and I think it was due to a new approach. Not to worry, y'all, this will be a full post sometime soon. Oh, you don't have to thank me. Babbling mom talk is the reason I'm here.

THREE: This week has been so awesome, despite the fact that my bathroom gives away the addition of a third male user. Jonathan has been on vacation and I have really enjoyed the extra time with him. He's here to help with the shuffle of homework, a hungry baby, and potty trips. He's even done a load of laundry or two! Today is going to be the best, though. After a full day home together, we will enjoy our first date night since before Nora's birth. It's been a long time coming and I am so pumped to sit at a table for two and not worry about grabby hands knocking over my adult beverage. However, I'm not the only one who has been enjoying him:

FOUR: Jonathan has been spending quality time with us during vacation, but that doesn't mean he's missed out on his own fun. Last weekend was the opening of modern gun deer season in Arkansas and let's just say he started with a bang. When I got the call around 9:00 Saturday morning that he had three deer in one hour, I didn't believe him. Then I saw the pictures! Let's just say we have plenty of meat stored for the winter. He still has a few tags left and will continue to trophy hunt to see if he can find anything bigger, but he plans to donate any more meat to Hunters Feeding the Hungry since our freezer is full. I'm so glad he had such a blast camping with his buddies and I love to see this smile on his face:

FIVE: Speaking of smiles, I told that dear hubby of mine that he better remember what it felt like to pose in his deer pictures when we go for family photos tomorrow. I have definitive proof that he can do more than the cheesy grin featured in many photos of the past and he has been challenged to prove it to me tomorrow. This will also be the first official photo shoot of our new family of five. Things will more than likely get complicated, but I have no doubt that the results will be fantastic. And don't you worry, I will gladly share them all over this space. Get ready!

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