Thursday, December 5, 2013

December in Arkansas

{Gotta have those carbs during snowmageddon!}

What do you get when you mix an ice storm warning and a southern state?

Apparently, a pretty big craving for milk sandwiches.

Not a loaf of bread nor a gallon of milk to be found and everyone has turned into meteorologists. I, too, have been watching and comparing forecasts as much as the next anxious Arkansan and thankfully it's looking like our cozy corner may not be frozen long. I'll go ahead and admit that I could be eating my words when I report by candlelight tomorrow from a home encased in ice and warmed via fireplace {don't worry, I'll fully charge my battery tonight}.

To think, it was a mere 24 hours ago that my sweet Baby Nora and I were lying on the swing in my parents' backyard, staring at the bright blue sky and letting the warm breeze rock us gently. Sure, I was aware that the date was December 4 and I knew good and well that a high of 75 was strange, but I didn't mind one bit. I closed my eyes and soaked up the sunshine next to this little doll:

{Nice foreshadowing, little penguin.}

Now, I'm seeing numbers in my forecast like 12. I'm getting texts from my mom to leave faucets dripping and extra radio batteries handy. To prepare pitchers of water to make Nora's formula. To test our flashlights and keep up with the news. {once a mom...} I'm stockpiling just-in-case candles and I'm searching for gloves and scarves and other winter accessories that I haven't used since that one time last year.

I don't know if y'all have picked up on this or not, but I live in Arkansas. We do not do single digit temperatures around here and that 12 is getting dangerously close. What I do know is that my loving, dear, wonderful husband was kind enough to fight off the milk sandwich-hungry neighbors to not only snap the above picture, but to stock our shelves just in case Old Man Winter does come knocking. We may be cold, we may be grumpy, and cabin fever may hit seconds after the school cancellations are reported, but at least we will be fed. We have food, we have a cartoon-filled DVR, and we have enough diapers to last a potentially treacherous weekend.

For those of you in the central and northern parts of the state, good luck and godspeed. I've already seen plenty of pictures come across my newsfeeds to know y'all are going to have a rough morning. For those of you who live in states whose store shelves remain fully stocked when words like "snow" or "cold" are mentioned, please don't laugh too hard or poke fun at our fear. Winter is scary!

Check back tomorrow to see if we got to stay in our jammies all day.
{Spoiler Alert: It will be true whether school is cancelled or not.}

Happy Thursday, y'all. Keep your heaters on high and your eyes to the sky!

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Michelle said...

As a Michigander I love this :)

The Gifted Gabber said... a fellow Arkansan, I felt like I could have written this post myself. I even have a similar picture of the empty shelves from last night and a picture of my baby in her "foreshadowing" shirt. However, I intentionally dressed my baby in her snowflake shirt as a variation on the "snow dance" so my students and I could miss school tomorrow. Snow day!!!
Amy @

Jessica Bauer said...

@Michelle - I have definitely heard from a few northern family members that we're a little ridiculous down here, but we don't know how to handle it. (Good thing it didn't actually happen!)

@Amy - you must live further north than me. After all that work to prepare, it's been nothing but rain. It's cold, but just rain. I shipped a sad little boy off to school this morning. Enjoy your day off!