Monday, December 9, 2013

Nora {Five Months}

So it appears I let an eighth of the month slip by yesterday. Oops.

Jonathan and I actually celebrated the five-month anniversary of Nora's entrance into the world by putting a hefty dent in our Christmas list. My kids may not stay on the nice list 24/7, but they're all real cute so that has to count for something, right? Hopefully you weren't too upset over the fact that I did not post Nora's update on her actual five-month birthday. If you were, you either need to find a new hobby or you are one of her grandmas. If the latter is true, please accept my apology and all of these lovely pictures of the world's most perfect granddaughter.

Also, in accordance with the tradition I've formed since I met my darling daughter, I will now let those who are interested know exactly what's going on with the little peanut in a list format:

  • Before all the threats of ice and snow and horribly low temperatures, Nora was able to squeeze in a trip to her first parade. She may have fallen asleep before Santa came sliding down Main Street in a firetruck, but she did enjoy looking at the twinkling lights on display. The Bauer Boys stood in awe as each float grew bigger and brighter and then scrambled to collect the scattered hard candies and Tootsie Pops. I'm pretty sure Nora June's favorite part was watching her brothers. And sleeping in the car.

  • When Nora was being knit in my womb, she grew accustomed to the sounds that would fill her environment. This mostly involved wild boys pretending to shoot deer, track dinosaurs, and crash monster trucks. I wasn't surprised that she slept through it all days after birth. At five months, however, the tables are turning. My quiet baby is finding her voice and realizing her range goes beyond the standard cry. I think her happy squeals rival her angry ones and she's hitting decibel levels not yet recorded by a Bauer kid. Lord, help us all.

  • I say it every single month {and I'll probably continue this tradition}, but would you look at those peepers? These baby blues continue to evoke oohs, ahhs, and awkward milkman references every time she meets someone new. A few of our relatives are set on the fact that they'll darken to a light brown, but I'm not seeing it yet. Just look at this picture I snapped over her Daddy's shoulder at the parade:

  • After making it five months surrounded by a constant tornado of brothers, Nora is becoming more aware of her surroundings, and by this I mean her hands. She has found them and they are her new favorite. During a good snuggle, right before those pretty little eyes roll back, one of her paws will sweep her line of vision and that's all it takes. She constantly turns them, examining from the tips of the chubby fingers down to the bands around her wrists. Hands are a new and exciting magic for my daughter. Fun times.

  • Although her hands can keep her occupied for a while, Nora needs outside entertainment, too, and by this I mean her brothers. A few days ago, I watched as my daughter sat with her Daddy and the boys stood in front of her. They didn't say anything funny, but any words directed toward her resulted in an absolute belly laugh. She threw her head back and lost control of her giggles. This made the boys erupt in their own laughter, causing one ridiculous chain reaction. I'm pretty sure we just lost $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos because I didn't think to press record.

  • I am 100% ready for our first Christmas as a family of five. It will be so much sweeter with the addition of a little sister. She couldn't really whisper her wish list in Santa's ear, but I filled him in on a few of her favorites. She can expect a headband or two from Sassy Sweet Pea Designs, of course. Click here for the holiday specials {and you can see the exact styles Nora has coming her way}. Santa also told me he would sneak this musical Seahorse friend beneath the tree and a few toys in her stocking. Obviously we didn't go overboard as she doesn't know what's going on {and we leave the overboard to the aforementioned grandmas}, however, I think she will be thrilled.

{Again with the sticker removal, this time revealing her Duck Commander onesie.
This has me wonder if a sticker will even be present in months 6-12.}

Have a happy, happy, happy Monday, y'all!

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M~ said...

Happy 5 months sweet Nora! You may have a little extra goodie coming in the mail! XO

Unknown said...

She is just So cute!