Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bathing Beauty

This little girl of mine takes personal hygiene to extreme levels of cute, doesn't she?

I snapped these last night as Nora's daddy was bathing her in her pretty yellow sink flower. I don't have many bath photos of this one, and you know those rolls have to be captured in their full glory. Eventually she'll start to move around and they'll slowly shrink away, so I need to remember her in full Michelin Man form.

I decided to browse these photos this afternoon and work a little editing magic. I thought they looked sweet in black and white and, as always, I thought immediately of you! "Of COURSE I must share these with my friends," I thought. All I've been doing lately is throwing graphics on the page and not even thinking about my audience {*cough* grandmas} who just want to see these babies. They should be satisfied until at least tomorrow. I also think these would make for a pretty great gallery wall in the guest bathroom. Maybe I can dig up a baby bath shot of each of the Bauer Boys, too.

Alright, enough from me:

You have to know that I couldn't resist searching the albums from years past to see if there were any bath photos. Owen's shot is pretty darn cute, but let's just say the purchase of a new camera and some basic photography education has done me well over the past six years. You're still good-looking Baby Nathan, fuzzy little chicken head and all:

Happy {Throwback} Thursday, y'all! Stay clean. :)

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