Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Challenge

I love words.

I really do. It probably seems like my favorite thing to do with them is snatch the ones dancing in my head and toss them onto the computer screen. There's a lot of truth to that, but I like peeking into other brains, too. I like opening a book and devouring the words one by one. I just don't do it often enough.

{drum roll, please} This brings us to the introduction of the Bauer Bunch Book Challenge.

Beautiful Baby Nora rocked the boat as the third child and I haven't had much time to myself. I have a remedy for that. For the sake of peace, happiness, and everything else that comes with sticking your nose in a book, I want to finish one each month. That's a total of 12 books in one year. I'm sure others' reading goals dwarf that tiny number, but for me, this works.

I'm writing about this for the first time today, but I already have one book under my belt. Many people have been telling me about John Green, so I started with him. And it was a doozie. The Fault in Our Stars is the best book I've read in a while. The voices in this book are real and raw, the story is powerful, and the writing reminds me so much of Salinger. I fell in love with the main characters in the first chapter and I finished it in three reading days {no children were ignored in this process... okay, at least not for long periods of time}. It's still January, but the spine of Book Two is already bent. I'm sticking with Green and reading An Abundance of Katherines. So far, so good!

And wouldn't you know it, the benefits of this challenge appear to stretch beyond me. As I have made an effort to sit still and unplug, the rest of the house has, too. I love The Hunger Games series and Jonathan has seen both movies with me. He's always enjoyed the stories, but had yet to read the books. Well, turns out Jonathan is not going to wait for the third movie to see what Katniss does next.

*This is totally what happens every night.
It is definitely not a staged photo from this afternoon.*

Nathan has been skipping TV time to jump into the pages of the Magic Tree House series. Although the bigger Bauer boy has always been a reader, this journey into chapter books has done something special for him. The other night, as I was lying beside him on his rocket sheets, reading the words and trying to inflect in all the right places, I noticed his attention wandering. He was staring at the adjacent wall, and his mind was far away. I asked if he was tired and ready to stop, and he told me he was listening just fine.

"I was just thinking about the story in my head and drawing my own illustrations."

I am excited about putting this challenge out there and holding myself accountable. I long for the quiet that will come when I get the chance to turn a few pages and slip away for a little while. This is a one small step to getting back to the basics and one giant leap toward finding my calm.

What about you? Have you set a goal to make it through a certain number of books this year? Have you read any good ones lately? Please share your favorites and help me grow my list. Feel free to jump into my challenge, too. Come back and let me know how it's going and I'll be happy to do the same. Here's to a hot cup of coffee, a cozy blanket, and a good book! Have a wonderful Wednesday night, y'all.

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Unknown said...

I'm trying to read 20 this year - a huge goal for me!

Jessica Bauer said...

That's an awesome plan, Karen! Let me know if you read anything good. I have a small stack waiting for me, but definitely not enough to last the whole year.