Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Five

Today, I am happy.

Despite a grouchy morning, Nathan made it to school long before the bell. My house was clean and laundry was half done by 9:30. Owen has been quiet, still, and interested more in reading books than ransacking his room. Nora has been amazing, and the only sounds I hear right now are the dryer's gentle hum and the vanilla-flavored goodness pouring through the spout of my coffee maker. I don't want to brag about the sheer bliss of this very moment in my life, but I'd be a fool to vent my problems and not count my blessings. Therefore, I thought I'd link up with Darci from over at The Good Life Blog for a little Five on Friday, Reasons I'm Happy Edition.

I apologize for the quality and also my recurring "ah, BOO."
The giggles are worth it.

ONE: Nora has been a doll today. She woke up happy and didn't even mind a mid-bottle interruption to deal with a stinky pull up. Everything has been hilarious to her and her laughter has had us in stitches. Just looking into her eyes can set it off and the way her head falls backward and the sound grows from her round belly is amazing. Instead of going into detail about the way my daughter laughs, click the video above and see it for yourself. My favorite part is when Owen offers to take his waywee {blanket} and make her laugh. She gives a nice look of, "He's gonna do what now?!"

TWO: Today is the last day of January and I, for one, am thrilled. January is my least favorite month, with February running a close second. I love starting a fresh new year and clearing out the troubles, clutter, and old receipts from the past 12 months, but it is cold. It is bleak and gray and dreary and the exact opposite of the sunny summer days I live for. Some days are 60 degrees, and others are 13. Arkansas winter can be such a tease! However, with tomorrow's flip of the calendar we will be one month closer to honeysuckle blooming in the backyard, tomato plants towering in the garden, and a limitless supply of sun on my face. I guess I'll settle for Valentine's plans and seed catalogs until then. :)

This photo is both misleading and accurate. Read on to see why.
PS: He is not very good with a duck call.

THREE: Owen isn't feeling well these days. From the flu that started at Christmas to various colds and bugs, we just can't keep it away. Now there's RSV going around and I pray it skips us. Now, I know it's rude to capitalize on illness, but the snuggles I've gotten today have been amazing. Plus {this is a big plus}, as I started this post, Owen had just fallen asleep in my bed. I heard him start a coughing fit and then the sound of little feet drew closer. Sighing externally and screaming internally, I knew what a short nap would mean later. He hasn't been doing great in his own bed lately, but I thew the option out there. He agreed through his sniffles, let me carry him into his room, and he is snoozing away.

This is just a mere sample of the treasure trove of old pictures my BFF and I found this weekend.
Details: 1996 Garage Party (oh yeah)

FOUR: Last weekend I broke my personal best for longest solo road trip. It wasn't long, just a 4.5 hour drive deep in the heart of Texas, but I was proud. Even better than successful navigation was landing at my best friend's doorstep. This girl and I have been together for almost 23 years. That is a long time for a friendship to grow and evolve and I am pleased to say it's even better with time. I have enjoyed my life so much more with her in it. Through happiness and battles, it's nice to know she's always in my corner. As for our sleepover, it was full of wine, movies, chicken wings, and old photographs. Yep, that's how we get down. I also got to hang out with her sweet little ladies, as well, and loved every second. Miss you already, Abby.

FIVE: As I finished that last paragraph, I had to take a break. Number Three quickly unraveled as Owen walked into the room to announce wake-up time and dig into his toys. There has been a bit of deviation from Number One, as well. When I realized Owen wasn't going to be cooperative, it was bottle time for Nora. Once the last drop of formula was gone, this little one let me know that six ounces ain't gonna cut it. The coffee I mentioned is now cold and Owen is now stacking blocks on his angry sister. But you know what? I'm okay. I have had an amazing day and this particular instance is just part of my life. In a few minutes, it will change. The microwave will fix my coffee, Nora will get over herself, and Owen will resume snuggling under my perfectly enormous blanket. Number Five is just a blip on the radar of my fantastic Friday.

I hope you are able to enjoy your Friday just as much, despite all your metaphoric {or literal?} fussy babies.
Have a great weekend, y'all!

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