Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good Eats

{Would you guess this little girl figured out how to use a spoon fairly quickly?}

With age comes responsibility, and with six months comes squash.

In keeping with the Bauer Baby tradition, one large-sized, hilariously shaped butternut squash was added to the grocery list last week and mama broke out the ice cube trays. I sat down at the computer to visit the same exact site I clicked through obsessively when I did this for the first time six years ago, and I reminded myself of the oven setting/cook time. {Baby food is the one thing I know how to cook, so sue me if I can't remember to set the oven to 400 degrees.}

Once everything was cooked, processed, and frozen into individual ounce portions, we let Nora take a crack at her first solid food. On the very first try, there were big, wet tears and not-so-happy squeals. She was hungry, she didn't understand what was happening with this weird spoon thing, and formula was the only thing on her brain. We ditched the idea and went for the bottle, with more success once she was satisfied. That bring us to today. Three feedings later, and the kid is a pro. She may not like having the camera in her face every single time, but such milestones must be documented, and also, it is my belief that she is precious:

Note the intense focus.

"Just one cube, mom?!"

I know the last few posts have been centered around the one and only itty bitty teeny weeny {19-pound} Bauer girl, but as it turns out, most everything is new and exciting when you've only been around for a few months. I sure hope you don't mind. If you do, check back tomorrow for a post all about my day with the Bauer Boys. It involved a day at the office and a double trip to the dentist. It was Owen's first time. There may have been a few tears, but no fingers were lost, no cavities were found, and every tooth was cleaned. A success in my book.

Until then, have a wonderful Wednesday night, y'all.
Eat a little butternut squash for me.

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