Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nora {Six Months}

Just as it's been with all of my loving children, I have mixed emotions about the milestone of reaching six months of age.

These six months feel like a blink, yet it's already hard to remember life before her. This is in both a "my heart is bursting with love" sort of way and a "was I ever really sane?" sort of way. However, I can't tell you how glad I am she is here. Her gummy little smile outshines the sun and her squeals and laughter turn any bad day around. She's a pretty good friend of mine, to be quite honest. And that is why I'm here to celebrate her half-birthday {even if it is four days late}.

Six months ago, my daughter greeted the world in a sterile hospital room, and in six more she will get her first bite of birthday cake. It's crazy how much changes in 365 days. Lucky for me {and you, hopefully}, I've been doing a good job of slapping a sticker on this baby girl each month to document these rapid changes. Before we delve into Nora's Fast Facts, let's take a peek backward. My main reason for taking these photographs was to see the physical progress. I'd say the physical progress took place mostly around the middle:

Nora has made some big strides, hasn't she? She doesn't miss a meal and with the newest additions to her diet, I can't wait to see what the next six months brings. Now, if you will humor me with a quick read, I'll let you know what she has been up to in everyone's favorite bullet-point fashion. Enjoy:

  • Nora had her six-month checkup on Friday and weighed in at 19 pounds, 3 ounces - a whole four pounds heavier than last time. The doctor mentioned her weight, but didn't seem concerned. More to love, right? This put her in the 91st percentile for weight, which paired nicely with the 98th percentile for head circumference, but was a stark contrast to the 30th for height. Round is a good adjective.

  • Nora is also checking off milestones in the big girl category. Granted, this one has more to do with me than her, but she's doing great. She has been sleeping in her crib in her own room for about two weeks and she has done an amazing job. We often put her down awake and she snoozes until I wake her up to get her ready to hit the road. {We are really, really lucky in this category.}

  • When you're a Bauer Baby, six months means you finally get to eat real food! I know many mamas start at four months, but she seemed fine with bottles so I stuck with it {read: I'm lazy}. Nora has made it, though, so I cooked up and smashed up a butternut squash and attempted to feed it to her. Let's just say the spoon is a foreign concept. Once food actually entered her mouth, she seemed to like the taste. Look for a photo shoot from a more cooperative baby whenever we reach that point.

  • Nora is in no hurry to go anywhere and I'm okay with that. Despite what The Books tell you and other moms tell you and Web sites tell you and doctors tell you, each baby moves at his or her own pace, and Nora, well she's not exactly moving yet. No rolling, sitting up, or crawling to report at this time. Nathan was the same way and turned out to be an incredible kid, so I'm not worried. She'll get there.

  • Although she's not moving of her own accord yet, Nora does have a new favorite toy! A few weeks ago we took the Jumperoo out of storage. Every day she seems to be jumping a little more and placing more weight on her legs. She's figured out how to make the animals sing their songs and she cracks up every time. It's an exciting process, don't you know. Also, I think her brothers enjoy it just as much as she does.

  • I would like the record to continue to show she is still my blue-eyed baby. Sparkling, clear eyes that light up when anyone gives her the time of day. She loves attention and she will put on a show every time she gets it. Her hair is becoming thicker on top in a way that still makes her look like a chicken, just a fuzzier one. It seems to be blonder, but still has hints of red, too. I don't really know what color hair my sons have/will have, so we'll just call it the classic shade of Bauer. It makes for a cute baby:

Nora June wishes you and yours a stupendous Sunday.
Now get outside and play!

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Unknown said...

I love the milestones. Ting seemed to hit every milestone exactly when all the books said she would. Bug - not so much. He rolled over, crawled, and sat up all within the same month and it was around nine months. She will get there in her own time for sure.