Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bloggy Birthday

While the little Bauers, their daddy, and I settled in for a Sunday full of football, commercials, and cheese dip, the above photo came to mind.

It shows a tiny six-month-old Nathan at his first Super Bowl party, which happens to be the topic of my first blog post. On this very date in 2008, I clicked over to Blogger for a newfangled way to show my friends and family the extent of my son's cuteness. I signed up, chose a layout, and slapped on a title of "Nathan's Daily Adventures." Six years, a couple of kids, and two blog names later, this little space on the Internet still serves the same purpose. I've learned a little more about targeting audiences, focusing my stories, and improving my layout, but the goals are the same. I'm very happy to have a place to call my own and I'm even happier that you are reading along. Thank you!

In honor of my sixth bloggy birthday, I took a little time to think about the business of blogging. I'm not talking about making any money {it should be obvious I do not}, I'm talking about my purpose, my direction, and my reasons behind crafting my story online. What better way to do that than in a blog post itself? Here are the six reasons I blog:

  1. Many moons ago {four and a half years, really}, I had a career in journalism. I was a reporter for a medium-sized daily in central Arkansas. I loved being in the field, meeting new people every day, and telling untold stories. Eventually, I was given the chance to tell my own via a lifestyle column. I focused on my newfound motherhood, learning as I went, and facing challenges along the way. I was surprised to see how many people I connected with in that way. When we moved to our new corner of the state, I did not miss the long hours and stress of a newsroom, but I did miss the writing. Enter blogging.

  2. During the first six unblogged months of Nathan's life, I tried to scrapbook. I have never been very crafty, but I was a mother now, and craft I must! I purchased a lovely collection of scissors, glue, stickers, and pens, and made preparations for the best scrapbook ever. I enlisted my SIL to help, and I think we made it through the first three months. Also, I don't think I have looked at it since. Writing is something I love, crafting is not. PLUS, I've recently started researching ways to take my blog off of the screen and onto the page. Best of both worlds.

  3. As you might have picked up by now, writing is my passion. I have had hobbies come and go, but the one constant that has stuck with me since I first started stringing words together is writing. I do it to explore the thoughts in my head, to create stories where they were not before, and to learn about myself. It's not just something that's fun for me, it's something that cleans my soul, as cheesy as that sounds. I write to birth ideas. I write to bury fear. I write because it's good for me {and hopefully, every once in a while, it's good for my readers, too}.

  4. Blogging helps me know I'm not alone. The feelings I experience in my day-to-day, not just as a mother of three, but as a wife, as a friend, as a woman, as a person, are common strands of humanity. By publishing what I know on the world wide web, I join a community of listeners whose stories are the same. I can read about similar situations and I can share my own. Mamas supporting one another is one of the biggest perks I've found. It makes me feel like we are all in this together, and when life is full of fear of the unknown, together is a great place to be.

  5. I get to "meet" new people {and meet them sans quotation marks, too!}. Through blog networking, getting to know readers, and hanging out at a little place called Arkansas Women Bloggers, I have gotten to know some pretty rockin' ladies. I have learned a ton through connecting with them, and through my six years of blogging education, I've even offered a piece of advice or two. I can honestly say this blog has brought me friends from across the country. You'll get to know them, too, through an upcoming series I've aptly named Mama Crush Monday!

  6. Finally, the last {and most important} reason I blog. I get to click back and see...

It's been a great six years, y'all. Happy birthday to this little space of mine and a Happy Tuesday to you. Thanks again for coming along for the ride.

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Karen Weido said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!

Jodi said...

I love this post! So glad to have met you through AWB and I think you are a tremendous writer! Happy Bloggy B-day! :)

Katie @decoratemylife said...

Found you over at the AWB linky. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I love reading about how people started blogging. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments, girls. I'm so glad AWB has brought me so many great and talented friends, as well. :)