Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

I have been a blogging slacker this week. Plenty of ideas, but no time to write. Here's a Five on Friday style recap, linked up with Darci over at The Good Life Blog {join me if you blog!}. This is what we've been up to this week. How about you?
Hopefully I'll have a few free minutes for full-scale blogging next week, but will this do for now?
There are cute pictures of my kids and everything!

{photo here}

{ONE} I know it's only February, but I am officially in a summer state of mind. Jonathan and I have finalized our vacation dates and now that our week off is reserved, it's time to plan. This year we are going to take our first real, live vacation for two since becoming parents. No kids, no work, no responsibilities, just sun, unlimited fruity drinks, and an ocean breeze. We also happen to be planning it around my thirtieth birthday. What better way to ring in an exciting new decade than with toes in the sand? Only about four months until we head to sunny Florida and settle into those two chairs.

{TWO} Speaking of sun, the weather has been incredible, hasn't it? {Okay, if you are not in Arkansas or its neighboring states, I am sure you read that with immense sarcasm. I'm very sorry for your snow-covered situation, but don't worry, spring is on its way. Maybe?} Yesterday we were so close to 80 degrees that I could already smell tomato leaves and thick air. We have been spending afternoons on the swing set and roaming the yard for the first dandelion. I know winter could come roaring back, but the bright blue, cloudless skies seem to say otherwise. Today I will throw open my windows, breathe in the fresh air, and pretend that spring has sprung. Join me?

{THREE} My Valentine's Day was the sweetest. I was Nathan's date at his first-grade party and I came home to bright and happy tulips from my boys, paired with six chocolate-dipped strawberries. That evening, the five of us got takeout from our favorite local fish joint and sat around the table laughing with each other. Our actual just-the-two-of-us date isn't until tomorrow night, so I wasn't expecting such an awesome holiday. I couldn't ask for a better way to feel loved. Plus, chocolate-covered strawberries!

{FOUR} Every Thursday my husband works late and I do the nightly routine of homework, dinner, bath time, and bedtime solo. Last night was a particular trying one. When I was changing Nora, Owen was playing 52-card pickup in my bedroom. When I was searching for Nathan's favorite pajamas, Owen was flooding the bathroom. When I was doing the dishes, Owen was dumping the contents of the pantry onto the kitchen floor. I sense you've discovered a common theme here? Not only is Owen hard to keep up with alone, it's even harder when he {and his brother} are asking for their daddy every five minutes. I'm VERY thankful for Jonathan and I'm VERY thankful when he comes home.

{photo here}

{FIVE} Tonight the Bauer Bunch and I are headed to dinner with my side of the family to celebrate the birth of the one and only Grampa {also known as my dad}. The boys and I are very excited about a night out together at a new restaurant surrounded by family. Although my dad is a pretty awesome reason to kick back and celebrate, the Internet tells me tomorrow {my dad's actual birthday} marks National Margarita Day. What a coincidence! Bottoms up and Happy Friday, y'all.

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Karen Weido said...

A beach trip with no kids? That sounds amazing.

Jessica Bauer said...

I keep pinching myself to make sure this is real life, Karen! It's a dream come true!! My mom asked the other day if I would be okay being away from the kids for a whole week and I had to stifle my laughter...