Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frosty February

On a grey Friday afternoon, reports of a blizzard hurdling toward our cozy southern Arkansas home filled my radio waves, news stations, and Facebook feed.

Meteorologists said one to two inches of snow could fall overnight and blanket our yard in bright white. Gasp! After sending Jonathan for the obligatory milk, we huddled together, glancing nervously from the window to the radar. The flakes didn't start to fall until after the sun went down, but knowing the temperatures were forecast for well above freezing on Saturday, I figured if I didn't let the boys play now, there may not be another chance. We zipped up coats, pulled on hoods, and Nora and I watched from the heated kitchen as Jonathan rounded snowball after snowball for the Bauer Boys.

Although we've seen a lot more snow than this, this was the first time the boys got their hands on it this winter. We've seen single-digit temps and gone without electricity due to ice, but this was the powdery stuff they were wanting. After running like madmen through the big, fat snowflakes, catching them on their tongues and pelting each other with what they could scrape from the concrete, I called them in for bath and bed.

When my groggy guys made their way into the living room Saturday morning, they were elated to see the grass was still covered by snow. No more was falling, and the temperatures would be rising soon, but it was all theirs for a little while. Thus began the begging.

I told them no as I stood over the sink washing dishes. I told them no as I fed my baby girl. I told them no as I pulled the steaming-hot cinnamon buns from the oven. I told them no as I wished their daddy didn't have to work on Saturdays. I told them no as I watched television and dreaded the cold outdoors. Finally, at about 10:30, I caved. Nora was resting peacefully in her crib, and the boys scrambled into their jackets the second the word "yes" left my mouth.

Then the three of us, jackets zipped to chins and pajamas pants proudly displayed, went outside.

Seeing as how it's February and this is the first snow I've seen all year, I grabbed the camera to capture the magic, even though you can make out the dirty ground beneath the thin veil of precipitation {gross}:

You may have noticed the correlation between the last two photos. Owen was a good sport in listening when I asked him not to hit his brother with branches nor throw his toys in the creek nor pull off his jacket to clean the snowy slide. I assumed "don't jump in the muddy puddles" was not necessary, but apparently I was wrong. Knowing his ankles were freezing, I handed Nathan my camera so I could handle his brother.

It wasn't long before I heard Nathan call out, "Say cheese!" And so I did.

I'm glad we trekked out into this Arkansas version of a winter wonderland, though, because all signs of snow had completely vanished by afternoon nap. All we had left was the photographic proof and Owen's soggy shoes. Happy Sunday, y'all!

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