Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nora {Seven Months}

I'm know I'm biased, but this giggly little girl is knocking these sticker photos out of the park.

Nora June is officially over the halfway hump to her first birthday {gulp}. This little baby daughter of mine has grown in leaps and bounds and she has completed our family in ways I didn't imagine. Her daddy is wrapped around her finger, her brothers wait on her hand and foot, and I can't keep my kisses away. And we're only seven months in. To celebrate my little love bug, I thought I'd take a break from smooching those chubby cheeks and pass along some stats:

  • She has her first tooth! After what seemed like months of drool and bouts of fussiness, a little white tooth popped through Nora's bottom gums about a week ago. This one is not following the Bauer Boy timeline for many things. Her labor was an average of seven hours longer, her interest in real food is different, and her first tooth was two months behind. She seems to be taking her time and going by her own schedule, this one. I'm a little nervous as to what this will mean in the future!

  • Although it takes her a few days to get used to new flavors, Nora has decided to enjoy every real food we've stuffed in her mouth. This list so far includes squash, apples, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Apples seem to be her least favorite {odd, right?} and the sweet potatoes took the least amount of adjustment {read: none}. Next on the list is something green, probably peas as they're less of a pain to make than green beans. I doubt she'll take to them as quickly as some of the others, but she may surprise us.

  • This sweet girl is still not nearly as mobile as many of her seven-month-old counterparts, and yes, I am still 100% okay with it. I'm happy to report she is making progress in the "sitting unsupported" category, which is saying a lot for her 20-pound frame and big, beautiful head. She was close to rolling over yesterday while playing with her brother, so hopefully I'll have news to report in that area next month. Until then, she'll keep working on her muscles to push that big body around and I'll keep stealing all of my kisses before she's able to get away.

  • Nora saw her first snow last night! I have a post scheduled for tomorrow to show the Bauer Boys romping about, but you shouldn't be surprised to know she's not featured. While the big, picturesque flakes were swirling in the glow of my backyard spotlight, I carried my baby out to see it for the first time. As the white started to mix in with her fuzzy hair, she made it clear she was not into it. We came inside, got in our pajamas, and watched from the other side of the kitchen door. Even if she didn't enjoy it, baby's first snow is in the books.

  • This little doll face really is as happy as she looks in these photos. She has her moments, but typically Nora is a happy, low maintenance kind of girl. Her giggle is contagious, too. Anything from kisses to tickles to just looking at her the right away will set it off. I'll admit I'm pretty good at getting her going, but nobody can do it quite like her brothers. They've developed a method of throwing toys at each others' heads and {as long as nothing hits her head *ahem*}, she completely loses it. They take a lot of pride in that, don't you know.

PS: Do you love how stylish Nora looks in all of her headbands? I'll let you in on a little {not-so} secret, they're from a shop called Sassy Sweet Pea Designs owned by a very talented crafter, Marie. If you have a little sweet pea of your own, make sure you set your calendar to check back here on Monday for a shop review and the chance for you to win a few headbands of your own! And this time around, let's just say we have upped the ante... Don't miss it!

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