Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Hearts

Sending love from deep in the heart of Arkansas on this beautiful Valentine's Day!

Nora June has had a wonderful holiday so far and obviously had an outfit for the occasion. I may or may not be in my pajamas as I type this, and the Bauer Boys may or may not be wearing pants, but Nora is dressed to the nines. I'm okay with all of this. Nathan is on Day Two of a five-day winter break and though the walls seem a little closer with the whole bunch home, we are soaking up the love today. The boys have been smooching their newest valentine and she's been rewarding them with grins and giggles all day. Too much cute to fit into a photograph, but I tried.

On this particular Valentine's Day, we had one thing on the agenda. The one thing Owen has been talking about and looking forward to since I {mistakenly} brought it up days ago. Cupcakes. My valentine to the Bauer Boys was to help them make cupcakes for themselves. Sounds like a ripoff of a gift, but they fell for it. Owen poured the cake mix, and Nathan cracked the eggs. Nathan turned on the mixer, and Owen licked the spatula. Nora sat in her high chair and looked bored out of her gourd.

I didn't even snap a picture of the finished products, all iced in pink and sprinkled with hearts. It could be because I had so many kids to tend to, or perhaps this is what happened as soon as I said the word to this hungry little guy:

My bunch and I want to wish you and yours a day full of love, laughter, and a fair amount of chocolate. Our plans for the night include an evening at home, smooching our kids as much as possible. From the valentine I've had since July 2005 to the one who stole my heart in July 2013 {with a couple Bauer Boys between}, I am the luckiest. Happy Friday, y'all.

PS: Congratulations goes to TIFFANY M, whose name was drawn in this week's Sassy Sweet Pea Designs giveaway. I know her little girl will be styling in her new spring headbands. If you weren't the lucky lady this time around, you can still snag a few accessories. Hit up Marie's shop and see if you can narrow down your favorites. Then use the free shipping code BAUERBUNCHFREE at checkout as a little thank you for being so awesome. Offer ends Monday, February 17, so hop to it!

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