Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Magic Number

"So, what do you think? Are you going to have any more?"

Not even a year after welcoming our third child and more than a handful of acquaintances have already thrown this question my way. My mother-in-law is likely waiting for the answer on the edge of her seat and others who know me well are recoiling in horror. Just so you don't have to wade through my thoughts to search for the answer, I'll start there: I simply don't know. Most days I go with probably not. Other days I hold sweet, precious newborn babies. I can, however, say "no time soon" with 100% certainty.

This is not from any earth-shattering talk with my husband or a recent decision to become the next Mrs. Duggar {whom I love, by the way}. No, these thoughts come from a quiz I took online because my friend Ashley took it online. This, obviously, led to inspiration. This test measures how many kids you're equipped to handle, and is designed to ease your worries about whether your mental capacity can hold another little person. This friend, who has one adorable little boy, was given the answer that she's all set and she seemed pleased with the results. I went through the questions {answering honestly, scout's honor} and was given the above results.

Would you look at that? I'm thinking this little quiz was scientifically formulated or something.

Before reaching my new status as a mother of three, I had an easy answer for this question. "Yes. I'd like to have at least three. And life will be rainbow-flavored sunshine." Even after Owen proved two is much more than one, there was nothing stopping our quest. I still don't like the sound of a set number, but now that Nora's here, we leave it at "ehhh." Another baby would mean a bigger house, a heftier budget, and a tighter grip on my sanity. This latest addition, though sweet and mild-mannered, has done a number on me. I try to be the mama I want to be, but it's not always possible. Six days out of seven, I'm the keeping-her-head-above-water mama and on that last day I'm lucky enough that they nap simultaneously.

On the other hand, this bunch of mine has me head-over-heels in love and I wouldn't keep the option open if I were totally against it. I'm not. My brain may tell me otherwise, but my heart is hanging on the other side of the fence.

I'm curious as to how one knows when they're done. This decision is often out of the parents' hands, but it's sitting squarely in mine. Maybe approaching 30 makes me want a better answer than "I don't know," but I believe I have a few years before my eggs dry completely. You know, if I had two weeks, three tops, to spend on a kid-free beach vacation, I'd be ready to grow this family in the blink of an eye. However, reality is an excellent form of birth control. I type this as a) Nora purposefully removes her pacifier after an hour of calming, b) Nathan falls from the bar stool for no apparent reason, and c) Owen carries an armful of potatoes into the bathroom {you read that right}. Food for thought.

Although the bliss of a brand-new baby is incomparable, the idea of a margarita while my current three sleep through the night sounds even better. I will not answer that question definitely until there's a bun in the oven or the medical impossibility of one getting there, but for now, I think I'll count the aforementioned drink as my fourth.


So pour yourself a drink {coffee, tea, wine...} and take this quiz, if you feel so inclined. The results tickled me and I'd like to know if you agree with your findings. Let me know what you find out. Also, let me know how you decided what number was right for your family. Inquiring minds would like to know. Happy Tuesday!

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