Thursday, February 27, 2014

Warm Home, Warm Heart

Once upon a time, I married a boy who had a sister. That sister moved to the frigid, arctic north four months after my firstborn arrived, and made her trek home to sunny Arkansas last summer.

I'd say it's time the woman got a proper welcome, wouldn't you?

Not too long ago, all the pieces fell into place for her to snag the perfect apartment, on a hilltop in central Arkansas. This place took away her work commute, brought her closer to her parents, and gave her a blank canvas to decorate as she saw fit. Once her place was set up just so, her good friend Tiffanie decided it was high time to show it off. She threw her an amazing homewarming party last weekend, full of delicious eats, games that were basically my wheelhouse, and grand tours for all. Although I had zero to do with this party other than attend as a guest, make sure my children stayed outside, and sweep the competition in all of the word-themed games, I have a strong desire to write about it. These girls did an amazing job with every detail of the party, and my SIL has done an incredible job making this space into a home.

Since I played photographer for the night, I have all sorts of fun to share. Let's start with the most delicious part, shall we? I'm not sure what was a bigger hit at this shindig, the homemade chicken salad croissants or the delectable cucumber crostinis. {Personally, the latter was my favorite. I might have eaten two. And a half.} Not pictured are the cute little caprese bites, a big bowl of pasta salad, and some tasty spinach dip. Although most of the kiddos {read: mine} turned their noses up at all the green, the hostess pleased the pickiest with three flavors of mini cupcakes.

Although the food was in my top three favorite things about this party, I think my most favorite thing was visiting Bridget's place for the first time. From the gorgeous aqua-and-yellow bedroom to the wall displaying photos of past generations, she gave every room its own special touch. Feathers on the wall here, a collection of prized books there, and happy, bright painted pieces throughout. Sunlight bathed the floors through huge windows, and an open craft room sat full of potential {and hopefully *many* future lessons for me}. Here's a quick sample:

Even though I spent the morning correcting Owen when he was tuning up his pipes to sing "Happy Birthday" to his beloved Aunt B, this party was not without presents. That sees of mine has such a sweet group of friends and family that she racked up nicely at her housewarming. She can officially make toast, blend margaritas, cook macaroni and cheese, not burn herself on the macaroni and cheese, and store said macaroni and cheese in an airtight container. Also, my kids got her a cat cutting board. Not that it's a competition, but they win:

Speaking of my kids, I bet you were wondering what metaphor I was employing earlier when I made reference to keeping them outside. Oh no, my friend, I meant every word. Do you really think I could've whipped the competition at anagramming HOUSEWARMING with three babies hanging off of me? Aside from a brief cupcake break, they were banned outside. Thankfully, their aunt was smart enough to arrange bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and lots of other children for entertainment:

{Okay... maybe we let ONE kid play games. She gave me a run for my money, too!}

This party was such a success, y'all. A million thanks to the hostess for inviting me and my crazy family and to Bridget for opening her home and allowing me to spend time with her, meet a few of her friends, and catch up with a few of my own. We loved hearing about her awesome adventures in Maine, but I'm so excited to be with her for the next chapter in her life. And now she has a gorgeous home to set the scene.

I know I speak for the whole bunch when I say I am happy she's home.

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Desperately Seeking Gina said...

gah!! {my new favorite word} How fun. And that chevron bedspread? Love!!

Jessica Bauer said...

It was a blast, Gina! And that bedspread is quickly becoming quite popular. :) She has cute taste, doesn't she?