Monday, March 3, 2014

Gone Fishing

My boys and I gathered up our tackle, poles, and mud-stomping shoes Saturday afternoon.

The bright sun peeked through the grey clouds just long enough to heat the first day of March to near 70 degrees, and the breeze blew through my sons' blonde hair as we traveled down the highway. We jumped a fence or two {with the owner's permission, promise} and helped Owen walk Little House on the Prairie style down through the tall grass to a small, roadside fishing hole. The air carried a hint of spring, and the land was calm. I would use the word quiet here, but if you know these visitors, you know that wasn't true.

Owen was outfitted with his brother's old Lightning McQueen pole, Nathan grabbed his newer rod, and both chose the perfect sparkly jig. The idea was a great one. Jonathan and I have enjoyed fishing together for just about as long as we've known each other and this was an awesome opportunity to share it with our children. The theory was sound, but the actual fishing with an almost-three-year-old and his older brother was not the easiest thing in the book. It was Owen's first time to actually be handed the pole and he was very excited about this. So excited that he waved it in the air with such fervor that everyone around him was in significant danger:

Shortly after that photo was snapped, we decided that our safety was much more important than Owen catching his first fish. Maybe after his third birthday, the listening skills will grow. {Maybe?}

Nathan has caught a few fish in his day, but that doesn't mean he has the patience required when they aren't jumping at his command. Much to his father's dismay, he kept asking what in the world was taking these fish so long. He pulled on his line to entice them, and reeled it in immediately, claiming he was in the wrong spot. He even had a fish on for a second, leading to our next lesson of setting the hook. Owen's casting skills improved as he practiced, and Nathan quickly learned how to avoid getting tangled in the brush. They may not have gotten to reel anything in, but they left covered in dirt, with big smiles on their faces, and better fisherman than when they arrived.

Jonathan had spent a recent afternoon on this pond and came home with fish tales taller than him. Luckily, he brought the proof home for dinner. He claims the ten crappie we feasted on that evening was only one-fifth of what he pulled from the water, and that it would be the perfect place for the boys to wet their line. Obviously we didn't have the same luck, but you better believe we'll take them back to try again this spring. That crappie was too tasty to forget.

The day wasn't a total bust, though. I had an awesome afternoon enjoying the fresh air with my boys and watching them dig their hands in the mud and stare hopefully at the slow waves. Thankfully, this wasn't a boys-only trip as Owen was a bit disappointed to discover, because this mama was the only one to bring in a fish. We didn't keep him, but I at least let them all touch it, just so they would know what it was like...

It's a good thing they keep me around, right? Happy Monday, y'all!

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