Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nora {Eight Months}

This beautiful baby girl has enough Irish in her to warrant a kiss or two, right?

Can you believe it's already been eight months since Nora's bright eyes first graced my little corner of the Internet? As children do, she is growing up too quickly and I'm doing my best to record her constantly changing days. Yes, that means I'm back with more fast facts. And in honor of an approaching St. Patrick's Day, I thought she should sport this headband. I'm making some excellent decisions this morning, aren't I? Take a peek at this little sack of potatoes, then read through a day in the life of Nora June:

  • Nora may be a little too chunky to hit the milestones by the book, but she officially has one down. She can sit on the floor for an hour, with toys and books in hand, and play to her heart's content. She is still working on tummy time and getting her big body to roll over, but we can check sitting unsupported off the list. I do think her bottom {ahem} heavy build has something to do with this. Oh well. Still counts!

  • Tooth #2 popped through a couple of weeks ago, too. She had a few sleepless nights and then there it was, cutting right through those sweet pink gums. This one seemed to be a little easier than the first, so here's hoping the remainders come through without notice. Or, at least without interfering with nighttime sleep.

  • Not that I expected anything different, but this girl is growing up to be gorgeous. Her eyes are still the color of the sky, and her strawberry blonde hair is fuzzier than ever. Her rolls upon rolls are sweet as can be, and she wears them with pride. She doesn't have a well-baby checkup until next month, so I don't know her weight at the moment. Let's just say Nora has more than likely outgrown her infant carrier.

  • Everyone who meets Nora for the first time comments on how she is such a "happy baby" and you know what? They're right. This little girl only gets upset when she's tired or hungry and who out there can say they don't do the same? Trust me when I say I know how lucky I am.

  • Nora's personality is starting to shine and her preference is, too. Neither of the boys had a big problem with stranger anxiety, and it doesn't seem like Nora will either. However, her face is just a bit happier when her parents come into view. She starts chattering, bouncing, and grinning ear-to-ear. Although I want her to share this joy with every person she meets, I'll admit it feels good that she saves it for her mama.

  • Left to fend for herself on the floor during play time, this girl has sustained a few of her first injuries. There might have been a wiffle ball to knock her over yesterday, and there might have been a brother to kick her in the head a few weeks ago. Owen is still learning to be "gentle" with Nora, and Nora is learning that "gentle" will not always be the norm. I have a feeling this is going to be one tough broad.

Happy Saturday, y'all. Nora wishes you a wonderful weekend!

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Unknown said...

I think she gets cuter every month!