Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Silly Business

I'm back once again with my semi-regular semi-Wordless Wednesday. I snapped these during the weekend's post-party shenanigans. I had a front row seat to the madness, and I thought you might like one, too. Before we get to the photos, let me share a little conversation I overhead this morning that says a lot about the relationship between these two.

{SCENE: mom is in the bathroom, kids are in the living room}

Owen: MAMA!
Nathan: NO, don't go in there!
Owen: MAMA!
Nathan: PLEASE don't tell on me.
Owen: I NOT gonna tell on you. I just be RIGHT back.
Nathan: Okay, thank you.
Owen: {walks into bathroom} Mama, Nathan poked my eye.
Nathan: {rushing behind} OWEN! I told you not to tell.
Owen: Oh yeah! I just kidding, Mama. Just kidding. Just a little silly business.

{both return to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse}

{side note: This is what happened when I asked for bunny ears. We have work to do.}
Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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