Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Broke

I don't think this Spring Break is one for the record books.

Although Nathan was thrilled to skip five days of school, his spirits drooped when he learned that meant he would accompany me to work. He drew on copy paper, he stapled things together, he removed said staples, he watched me type numbers, and he asked how many minutes were left. Thankfully, I have a grandma in town who loves company, so he spent most afternoons digging out old toys at her house. I also got smart and brought a copy of "Frozen" after his initial day of boredom and that did the trick. He did spend Tuesday with Jonathan, playing outside, visiting the John Deere store, and taking yours truly to lunch. It was no trip to the beach and I don't even think it counts as a stay-cation, but he says it still fits the "better than school" category.

Toward the end of the week, the weather turned cold and wet, so movies, video games, and inside toys won over frolicking in the flourishing weeds. On Friday, I was able to spend the day with all three of my babies. {I counted to ten. A lot.} There was fighting and mess-making, sure, but there was laughter and squealing and playtime, too. And that was just Nora! Owen had a wonderful time with his brother by his side and they did an excellent job of entertaining one another. I even got to curl up with a new book.

Today has been just as lazy, but the weather is a different story. Thankfully, temperatures jumped past 65 and house-shaking thunderstorms are yesterday's news. The sun is out, and so are we.

Nathan tells me he has enjoyed his break, despite all that, and that makes me glad. He absolutely deserves it. Before we pulled on our official Spring Break pajama uniform, he and I visited his class for a parent/teacher conference. We talked with his teacher for a total of four minutes, and all four involved her gushing about how smart, and cooperative, and polite he is. She said her job would be too easy if every kid was like him, and she has nothing but high hopes for his future in academics. He was handed his third straight-A report card for the year, and he had a skip in his step as we walked back to the car.

We didn't take an awesome trip - we barely went outside - but it was fun to spend time together {even at the office}. What did you and your family do for Spring Break? I hope your kiddos had a blast, no matter what. They deserve it!

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