Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap

Well, hello there!

I know it's a cloudy, cold Monday morning, but I'm still riding high from an awesome weekend. Since I'm unwinding from shivering my timbers and wrangling little mateys all over the place at Owen's birthday party, I figured a nice and easy post would suffice for today. Don't worry, though, I will be back soon with pictures and details galore. I loved this party so much and our little buccaneer did, too. For now, though, I'm just going to share a few lessons I learned over the weekend:

  • No matter how gross it looks on the Internet and in real life, you can cut and boil hot dogs to look like squids, and little children will devour them. Thanks, Pinterest.

  • Being a sibling during another sibling's birthday is complicated. Good thing my little guy is willing to share his haul and the two Jake and the Neverland pirates tents Owen was gifted with certainly help {as does a great-grandma who is quick with the dollars}.

  • Owen is a social butterfly. Buddies he sees every day, buddies he only sees every so often, and buddies he hasn't seen in months all joined together to celebrate his big day, and he stuck to each one like glue. It's so fun to watch these little people grow up together and it's wild to see my baby turn into a friend. Owen knows no stranger.

  • Cheeseballs are {and forever will be} amazing. There was a Sam's size barrel purchased for this party. About a quarter of it was served for the hungry bunch. Do not ask how much remains in the barrel.

  • A battery-operated dune buggy is substantially faster than a battery-operated birthday Jeep, much to Nathan's appreciation. I'm going to guess this theory will continue to be tested until the summer heat makes the swimming pool sound better than a backyard race.

  • Do not prematurely explain the dress code/consequences of St. Patrick's Day. Pinch fights will ensue. Side Note: there is not enough green in Nora June's wardrobe to protect those sweet cheeks.

  • Give a girl a handful of baby toys, she'll play for a little while and get bored. Give a girl an inflatable pirate sword, and she'll probably poke her brother in the eye with it.

  • Try as you may, one's skull-and-crossbones tattoo just isn't that intimating when you show it off in a bubble bath.

Thanks to everybody who had a hand in making our weekend fantastic, and I sure hope you were able to get out and do something fun yourself. Unfortunately we had to miss our favorite festival of the year because we were too busy partying on Saturday and the weather just wasn't right on Sunday. If you were able to make the Jonquil Festival, let me know how it was! The crafts and corn dogs will have to wait until summer, but it won't be long before I find a funnel cake with my name on it.

Don't forget your green today, and if it's too late, just tell people you're wearing green underwear. Hopefully no one will call your bluff. Happy Monday!

PS: Shout out to the Bauer kids' newest little friend who is well on his way to celebrating his first day in the world.
Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!

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