Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boys in a Box

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

{Before we go on, can we talk for a minute about those cheeks? Because, I mean, come on! Can you look at that picture without giggling or at least smiling? I cannot. Okay, let's contine.}

If you've been following here for the past several months, you'll know the girth of my baby girl is impressive. She's a big, beautiful baby and we knew the dinky infant seat she adopted from her brother wouldn't last long. We were already shopping around for a good deal, but when a Facebook friend led me to discover a stellar coupon code for this big girl car seat, we jumped. It's solid, it's sturdy, it's safe, and it's pink! What more could a girl want? Plus, it will last her until she's 65 pounds, so at least a little while.

However, that's not the moral of today's story. Today's story started after we stored the infant seat in the closet and installed this new model. As Nathan climbed into the box and Owen grabbed his bathroom stool to follow suit, a picture I took a little over two years ago immediately popped into mind. An eight-month-old Owen, same age his sister is now, was thrilled to get a seat upgrade, but even more thrilled to play with his brother. {Obviously I'm guessing here, but that squishy face says it all!} I remember captioning this photo that I thought it was cool to see my babies interacting and playing as siblings. I remarked it was only the beginning, but I had no idea what this crazy little relationship would turn into.

They fight like brothers, they play like friends, and they love like family. It's pretty neat, really, when I thought them sitting in a box simultaneously was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Although, as you can see in the above picture, they still do it. This time, however, they were hiding out in a cave from bears and wolves. Eventually weapons were introduced into the box and they both developed Elsa powers and began to freeze their foes. Then they found scotch tape and took turns locking each other inside the ice castle. Good times!

Funny how time flies when you're having fun {re: playing in a box}. Also funny how in the blink of an eye the kids on the left turned into the kids on the right. In a few more blinks, I think we're going to have to get a bigger box. I cannot yet imagine how Nora will fit in with this duo during play time, but I have a feeling she will get a leading role in such games. Or maybe she'll be named head wolf sniper. Just blink a few times and we'll find out.

Happy April to you all! Hope you don't get fooled too many times. Although I'm writing this days ahead, I'm going to predict what's happening to me today: I am being "made to look" about 10,000 times. Classic Nathan pranks. Sigh. Have a good one!

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