Monday, April 28, 2014


If you live anywhere near me, I bet you've seen little red pictures of our beloved state popping up all over your Facebook feed.

Even if you don't, there's a good chance you know why Arkansas is in desperate need of prayer. A massive tornado swept through the heart of the state, tearing apart communities that are dear to my heart, and ripping into businesses, homes, and families. Our corner of the state was unaffected and the gorgeous spring day shining through my window shows no indication of the piles of debris and devastation just a few hours up the interstate.

Yet, my heart is broken. My house is fully intact, the foliage remains on my trees, and all three of my children are safe and sound in my living room. Their clothes are still tucked away in drawers in their bedrooms, their toys are still strewn about the carpet, and they still have a roof over their heads. It's sickening to know this isn't the case for many of my fellow Arkansans. I'm very relieved to report that my friends and family who live in central Arkansas are fine, but so many of their neighbors are not. People are hurting, but as naturally as tornadoes form from nothing, people are helping. Strangers are loading up their chainsaws to uncover buildings hidden by trees and filling their shopping carts for families they don't know. We are opening hearts and homes and wallets because it's simply what we do. Arkansas' reaction to this disaster is not at all unexpected, but at the same time incredible. I am blessed to be part of a state that cares so much about its neighbors, and though I don't personally know any of those directly affected, it still feels like family.

As made clear in the picture above, Arkansas most definitely needs your prayers, but if you don't live near the devastated areas and are looking for a way to help, please consider a donation to the American Red Cross. Pray for relief and peace of mind for the families affected, but give if you're able, to help these people start over from scratch.


If you do happen to be an Arkansas reader and you're looking for a way to help, a fellow member of the Arkansas Women Bloggers has done an incredible job of compiling options that will make a difference for those in need. {There are also other ways to give money, too, for those who don't live near the affected areas.} CLICK THIS LINK for the detailed information, which includes a list of places accepting items and exactly which items are needed. There are also instructions for those wanting to volunteer with cleanup.

My Bauer Bunch is whole and well, but my Arkansas needs help.

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