Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easy Earth Day

The Bauer Family Earth Day Extravaganza didn't happen this year. {Don't tell Mother Nature!}

April 22 has come and gone and I'm here to report zero excitement around the homestead. Typically we celebrate by letting dirt fly in the backyard garden, whether it's plopping seeds in the ground or tilling in compost. Not this year. Most beds are full of weeds, and probably ant hills hiding beneath. We are a bit behind on garden progress this year, but it's on purpose. Years ago I decided Earth Day was Planting Day, but after covering the tomatoes and peppers with bed sheets and praying for them all night, I decided to wait a little longer. Instead, we spent the day lying on the grass, blowing bubbles, and finding the dirtiest spots to drive a tractor. It was an easy Earth Day, but not a bad one at all:

Don't worry, our depressing little garden will soon get its fair share of loving from this crew. You may notice, if you squint a little, that you can already see a healthy patch. Once we uncovered our strawberries to let them breathe, the little plants started reaching for the heavens and popping out new flowers. We even have a handful of tiny green berries that will ripen in no time. We're nowhere close to where I want to be, but we're getting there:

We did up the gardening ante a bit, though. We were dangerously close to 90 degrees this afternoon and Jonathan left work a little early, which meant the perfect opportunity for a trip to the local nursery. Just like every year, I stood next to the gorgeous tomato plants, basking in the smell and mentally narrowing my picks. This year I went with two classics, and a new heirloom variety. We also grabbed hot and sweet peppers, a squash, and a special pack of watermelon plants for which the Bauer Boys have big plans. These purchases may live on my kitchen floor for a while, but at least they're one step closer. Stay tuned to the coming weeks after we're positive the threat of cool nights has passed. I have a feeling we'll all be covered in dirt before long, and my grubby little fingers will be capturing every moment.

Happy {day after} Earth Day!

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Unknown said...

My grandpa has a garden in my back yard, but he says this is the last year he is going to plant it. I want to take it over so badly but I'm not sure where to start and even less sure I would stay motivated long enough to see it through.

Jessica Bauer said...

This will be our fifth one to plant here, and we started it with only one little two-year-old Nathan. Let's just say it's changed over the years! It takes a lot of work, but I really enjoy it - and the kids do, too!

Unknown said...

Planting my first garden this year and excited to see how it comes out! Hope I don't kill everything. ;)

Also howdy! Nice to connect through NW Arkansas bloggers. <3

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah, it's nice to "meet" you, too! I look forward to reading about your jump into gardening. I've not been doing it too long, but I still learn a ton each year. Good luck!