Saturday, April 26, 2014

Family-Style Easter

It's high time for an Easter recap, don't you think?

I've thrown away our colorful hard-boiled eggs, I've stored the chocolate bunny remnants and Skittles, and I've removed the plastic grass from the carpet. The signs of Easter have left my house, but the spirit of Easter has only begun. I know I'm a week late on an Easter post, but I come with justification {and this one's legitimate}. Easter Sunday isn't the end to Holy Week, it's the beginning of a new season. It's a time renew our faith, our love, and our hope. That being said, I still need to tell y'all about Easter dresses, ham, and eggs. In the spirit of tidiness, I'm going to do this in list form. Here we go:

  1. Our Easter activities kicked off with a dozen little color tabs. We poured stinky vinegar over them, and we reminded Owen repeatedly that it was not juice. Once everyone had their colors chosen, we let them have at it to the tune of "crack-crack. CRACK. Sorry! It was an accident. CRACK! That was an accident, too." Let's just say Owen's eggs all had beautiful web-like designs and my floor was briefly speckled.

  2. Let's talk about my baby girl's Easter debut. When her babysitter opened a shop {check it out here and follow on Facebook here} and asked if she had an Easter bonnet yet, we were quick to sign on for a purchase. The gorgeous eyelet bonnet paired perfectly with her simple lavender dress and oh my goodness, just look at her. Don't look at the fact that we forgot her bloomers for picture time, though. I'm obviously more smitten than most, but that's one squishy baby doll.

  3. The Bauer Boys' Easter garb wasn't half bad, either. It took a little convincing for the six-year-old to go for this look, so it could be the last time you see it. Good thing I made them pose:

  4. They weren't the only ones cheesing in the yard. The last time we took official extended family photos was Christmas 2011. Owen was a tiny baby and Nora wasn't even on the radar. Our family has changed a lot since then, and it's time the pictures in our frames do, too. I don't even have a framed picture of my family of five, for crying out loud. I think that last one will do quite nicely:

  5. I thought it was funny when I reread last year's Easter post and realized I wrote the same thing, but the kids did such a great job in church. Nora's still content to be held and fed and Nathan is the perfect church kid, but Owen is a different story. Easter Sunday, however, he stayed in his seat and he stayed quiet. It could have had something to do with all the snuggles from his Poppy.

  6. My husband {with lots of help from sous chefs} is a pretty talented cook! There were eyebrows raised as he followed the words of The Pioneer Woman and combined spicy mustard and Dr. Pepper into a stellar ham glaze, but it resulted in the sweetest, most delectable ham I'd had in a while. Fixings included baked beans, roasted asparagus, his mother's famous potato salad, my mother's new take on hash brown casserole, my grandma's classic deviled eggs, and a big salad for a splash of green. Lots of hands in the kitchen meant lots of delicious food on everyone's fine Chinet plates {see what I did there?}. I loved seeing seventeen faces around my kitchen, laughing, loving, and celebrating. Our Easter Dinner was a success in my book.

    {I'm no ham photographer. This was way more appetizing than it looks}

  7. Thanks once again to my blogging idol, I had a hand in the food prep, too. Once we decided we were hosting Easter Dinner for the whole family, I knew my contribution would be in baking. I wanted something light and springy, but beyond box cake. After days of searching, I came across a fairly simple recipe for Lemon Lime Pound Cake. It was a classic pound cake with a splash of 7 Up and a zesty citrus glaze. Yum! It smelled as good as it tasted and it hit all the adjectives I wanted. Rest assured, this cake did not go to waste.

    {Same caption as above. Do not compare this to the gorgeous cake on the link}

  8. Once we cleared at least one level of leftovers, I grabbed a sack of plastic eggs and spread them across the yard, making sure to hide at least a handful in hard to reach places. I noticed a few eggs made noise when I shook them, which was odd because I didn't fill them. The boys had just about broken the front door down when I was ready, and they were shocked to find quarters, pennies, and year-old jellybeans waiting for them. Yay!

  9. Our driveway was clear by late afternoon and Jonathan and I tackled what was left of the mess. Before we finished, though, we had to grab a few more minutes of gorgeous spring air. Nora slept off a busy day and my love and I watched our sons cover the backyard in bubbles. It was the perfect way to unwind after a perfect Easter Sunday.

  10. And finally, a belated: "Christ the Lord has Risen! Alleluia!" We embrace the fun of bunnies, eggs, and chocolate, but that does not negate the reason for the season. The stone was rolled away, and the tomb was bare. His body is no longer here, but his soul is everywhere. Our job is to pick up where he left off, and spread his love as far as it can go. For this is the day the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad!

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Amanda said...

Hi Jessica! Super Cute Blog! Loved your Easter Post :) We had a similar Easter with the Fam! Visited you from the ARWB link up:)

Unknown said...

Your kiddos are adorable. We still haven't had family pics made since Bug was born either. One of these days...