Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five on {Saturday}

It's been a WEEK, y'all. A genuine, bonafide, filled-to-the-brim WEEK.

I'm not one for breaking rules. I refuse to jaywalk, I stop at the random stop signs in parking lots, and I pull a number and wait my turn when asked. There's a first time for everything, though. Today on the blog I'm giving you my Five on Friday on Saturday. I've had a busy week, remember? Yesterday capped it off with the pinnacle of craziness, and basically all I wanted to do when I got home was go to bed. I even skipped my plan for an unwinding cocktail. I went straight to sleep, glorious sleep until I was awoken by sickly baby cries just a few hours later. {Sleep, glorious sleep was obviously the right choice.} Follow along as I empty my brain with five random thoughts from the week.

{Do you get it? Do you?! Rest assured, I do not think the finale was a major disappointment,
I just thought this was funny. Read on for explanation}.

ONE: It's been five days since How I Met Your Mother ended and I still can't deal with it. It's not that I was disappointed in the episode. This is the best show I've ever followed, and I was happy to be along for the ride. I knew what was going to happen to The Mother. I knew the hour would be a roller coaster that would be equal parts laughter and hot, stinging tears. I knew Ted was always going to be Ted, no matter how much this season made me like him, but I still can't deal with that final scene. Maybe one day I'll find the words to write a post that contains spoilers and my exact feelings on the subject. Or maybe I'll just watch funny reruns and forget the final minute of the show ever happened. Probably the latter.

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TWO: Have you seen Frozen? Okay, silly question. How often do you watch Frozen? For us, it's a solid once a day. It has become an important staple in our lives and I honestly don't know why. The story is great, the songs are stellar, and the characters are lovable, but that's par for the course with Disney. However, the three of us take center stage any time we hear the first few notes to any of the songs. Owen's "In Summer" and Nathan's "Let It Go" are not to be missed, and we do a killer rendition of "Love is An Open Door." Nathan even divulged that he landed the playground role of Prince Hans. How cute is that? That being said, I won't deny the fact that I remember doing "A Whole New World" near the swings in the third grade. Good times, y'all.

THREE: Nathan had his first experience with state testing this week, and his class spent the weeks leading up to it practicing bubbling in answers and reading carefully for full comprehension. They talked about how to make the best guesses, the importance of a balanced breakfast, and exactly what was riding on the "most important test of the year." Nathan obviously did just fine on the test, but spent the night before Day One in tears. Test anxiety in a six-year-old. I'm not saying these tests are unnecessary, but it broke his mama's heart to see him so worried. He's glad it's over, and I'm glad for him. There's less than two months of first-grade left, and I want him to enjoy it.

FOUR: Did you fare well in Thursday night's storm? Other than one Bauer Boy wriggling as close to me as possible, and the other draping himself directly on top of me, we were good. No downed trees, no damage, and our trashcan somehow managed to stay put. There wasn't a tornado near us, but based on the sounds I heard, I was not convinced. Howling wind ripped around my bedroom, and thunder pierced our ears. Jonathan spent the duration watching the lightning and listening for the telltale roar, and I spent it smothered by children, whispering little prayers into their hair. Despite all that, Owen says the scariest part was hearing the frantic meows of the neighbor's cat who took refuge on our porch. {FYI: said kitty is just fine.} I don't mind a springtime thunderstorm, but I can go without that level of intensity for a while.

FIVE: As mentioned earlier, Nora June is a sick little baby. Her fever spiked to 103 Thursday evening, and thankfully I was able to get her in to see a nurse practitioner Friday afternoon. The three hours spent there were quite an ordeal {and worthy of their own post - stop by on Monday!}, but we muddled through and eventually left after an antibiotic shot and a prescription for more. She was diagnosed with a bacterial infection, which is very vague, but she has no symptoms other than the high fever. Hopefully her medicine will get back to her normal, sleep-through-the-night self.

Have a happy weekend, gang!

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