Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nora {Nine Months}

This chunk of love is getting dangerously close to double digits.

Yes, it's another eighth of the month and a number sticker was calling my name. Baby Sis is officially nine months old, and except for a recent round of sickness, she's had a great month. Nora is growing and learning, and her personality is really starting to shine. She's a Stage One clinger, she's a gigantic flirt, and she has already perfected my name. I don't have any scientific measurements since her well baby visit isn't until Friday, but I'm happy to create my own Nora Facts. First, however, check out some more of these sweet cheeks:

  • Nora is a talker. Unlike the boys and their dada, Nora June is a mama's girl through and through. The "m" sound is her favorite, and while I know this doesn't make mama her first word, as much as her favorite sound to make, it still warms my heart. You know if you were in my shoes you'd be pretending she's calling your name, too. It's a fun game. She also likes to say "hi hi hi" and "yeah yeah yeah." Impressed? You should be.

  • Baby Girl loves the springtime. I'm just guessing here, since she can't tell me, but there's a 96% chance I'm right. Now that Old Man Winter has blown out of here, Nora is getting her first taste of Arkansas spring. Whether she's swinging with me on the front porch, driving tractors in the grass, or watching her brothers run, this girl is loving the great outdoors. We have yet to turn over the garden soil, but I guarantee you my daughter will be right beside me, content to sit in the dirt and play with and/or eat it.

  • Not only did she graduate to a new car seat this month, Nora moved on up in the dining world, too. You may have seen a recent Instagram post featuring a baby girl sitting in a high chair, contemplating the finer points of the Outback Steakhouse menu. Now that her infant seat is old news, so are the days of the sling. This means two things: 1) no more naps at restaurants and 2) a rather large area of clear space in front of her. She's already grabbed Owen's spoon full of beans, my water, an entire collection of napkins, and a piece of bread. This one is sneaky when it comes to the grub.

  • Nora has some impressive chub, and believe me that it's even better in person. Her ankles are nonexistent, her arms appear to be covered in rubber bands, and her thighs make up half of her weight. It shouldn't surprise you that Nora tipped the scales over 24 pounds at the doctor's office last week. At a year old, Nathan and Owen weighed 26 and 25 pounds respectively. I think it's safe to say Nora will take the title over the next three months. She comes by it naturally, though. Unfortunately there's no photographic evidence comparing Baby Jessica to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man:

  • This brings us to our final fact: every now and again, Nora gets all of her feelings hurt. Obviously she has a good reason now {sorry, baby girl}, but usually it's me walking past her without picking her up, making eye contact when she's being held by anyone else, and or not providing a never-ending bottle. Thankfully, she gets over these spells rather quickly - but not quick enough to miss the camera.

Happy Tuesday, gang!

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Karen Weido said...

She's just so cute! Ting had all those rolls as well and I just loved them.