Thursday, April 10, 2014

Silly Siblings

If I don't do a photo shoot of Nora's spring-themed outfit, did she really wear it?

Don't answer that. Not because it's rhetorical, but because it's silly. Also, I don't know the answer because this stone-faced baby was happy enough for a picture. While I was snapping this combo of precious baby, chick shirt by Lightin Bug Kreations, and bunny headband by Sassy Sweet Pea Designs, we had a little company. Both Bauer Boys bounded into the nursery, rummaging through noise-making toys from their past and fighting for Nora's attention. When I asked them to give me two minutes to get their sis to smile, they stood by, chomping chips and waiting to play:

That's when I decided to forgo this solo shoot. Because of Facebook and the amazing throwbacks my sister-in-law posted of my then-tiny husband, I know that it's officially National Siblings Day. Instead of pushing the boys out of the picture, I asked them to jump into the frame. All three were only in view for a few shots, and they never looked at the camera simultaneously, but they did it. Getting them all together takes more patience than I was armed with this afternoon, but maybe we'll get the perfect sibling picture before Nathan's off to college:

Moral of this story is not just Nora's cute shirt or sweet brothers, it's the still very weird idea that I have a threesome of siblings living under my roof. As a direct cause of the love between my husband and me, these small people will get to grow up next to each other. They may not always enjoy it, two-against-one will happen probably more often than I care to admit, doors will slam, and prized possessions will be stolen. Words will be exchanged, and punches will be thrown. Beyond that, though, these little ones have each other for the rest of their lives. They will remind each other that thunder can't hurt them and words can't, either. They will hold hands when first days of school are harder than they thought. They will hold hands when growing up is harder than they thought. They will stand up for each other with pride at graduations, at weddings, at births. They will give each other secrets and nieces and nephews. They will be a guarantee in each other's lives. I'm thankful to have been blessed enough to give that to them. And I think that's worth a punch or two {or three}.

Happy National Sibling Day, y'all! Shout out to my one and only, Tommy, and shout out to my parents for granting my request for a brother. We may not see each other as often as I'd like, but there's something about the bond that comes with the territory. I'm happy to have him always. Second shout out to my sisters by choice! SILs Bridget and Rose, I couldn't have picked you better if I'd picked you myself. {I guess I did technically pick you, Bridget. You're welcome!} LOVE to all of you.

Now go hug your brother or sister or anyone, really. Hugging is fun!

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Unknown said...

The way Nora is looking at Nathan in that top picture is hilarious!

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