Saturday, April 19, 2014

SIX on Saturday

For the sake of alliteration, I'm giving you something extra in my weekly rundown. I apparently took a blogging hiatus this week, but my kids were still cute. I figured I might as well show you with a Six on Saturday. While the ham is in the oven, the Easter dresses are laid out, and your kid is desperately trying to rid his hands of green dye, relax for a moment and take a quick peek into the happenings of my Bunch:

ONE: We decided to go all in for Easter this year. Jonathan and I stepped to the plate as hosts for the big dinner. One agonizingly planned meal, one giant trip to the grocery store, and one seating arrangement later, and I think we're ready. Except for, you know, actually doing it. We'll worry about that tomorrow, though. Today we will dye eggs and fingers and faces. Fingers are crossed I'll be back soon with a report of a beautiful day and an equally beautiful dinner. I hope you soak up the time with your family, rejoicing the risen Lord and thanking him for his ultimate sacrifice.

TWO: We hadn't been to the zoo since Owen was five months old, so a trip was overdue. However, Saturday's visit had a bit of a different spin, as this one involved my husband, a priest, and 16 teenagers. Sounds like the start to a bad joke, doesn't it? No jokes here, friend, this was real life. We serve as youth ministers for our parish and we thought the zoo would make for a fun spring outing. Although herding them from one exhibit to the next was work, we had a pretty great time and the kids were well-behaved. Our group has grown from five members to this bunch in just two years, and I am so blessed to see such an interest. I may even take them out in public again...

THREE: I believe the last time I mentioned the horror that is taking Owen to get his hair cut was on a Five on Friday, and here I am again {well, kind of} with an update. I wish I had proof of the thrashing, wailing, and gnawing of teeth that took place the last time my mother and I stepped foot into a salon with my three-year-old. Through cookies, Capri Sun, and outlandish promises, I struggled to hang on while the beautician tried not to cut off his ear. It was Daddy's turn. I met my brave husband downtown with the Bauer Brothers, dropped them off, and drove away praying. About four minutes later, I get this:

A) Never in his life has Owen worn a cape during a hair cut.
B) Never in his life has Owen sat by himself during a hair cut.
C) Never in his life has Owen not cried during a hair cut.
As much as I want to shout that how unfair this is, I'm relieved to have an answer
{and to know I never again have to take Owen for a hair cut}.

FOUR: I'm a little behind on the the garden game this year, but I decided I was no longer in the business of covering sensitive tomato plants with bed sheets. Also, there's been a lot of good TV lately. One bed, however, has been rediscovered, and the sweet taste of spring is coming. We made quick work of pulling the weeds and straw off our strawberry patch last weekend, and we were pleased to see plants where they were not last year, and a thick collection of white blooms. As long as these 80-degree days stick around, the flowers will be berries in no time. I'll do my best to get a picture before Nathan eats them all.

FIVE: No news is good news on a pair of well-baby checkups last week. Owen was diagnosed a spirited three-year-old who weighed 39.5 pounds and was 39.5 inches tall - a perfect square! After a quick one-on-one about the importance of using the potty at home {yeah, this post basically made me a liar // more on that soon}, he was handed a prized green sucker. This was the first time he didn't cry at the doctor's office. I don't know what Owen's doing differently, but I hope he continues to do it. Nora June weighed in at a whopping 24 pounds, 13 ounces. She was in the 96th percentile for weight and head circumference, and the 23rd for length - a perfect circle! She was diagnosed with extra cute, and sent on her merry way. The doctor didn't seem concerned with her lack of mobility or multiple rolls, but hopefully she'll be moving and grooving by the next visit. Healthy kids, happy mama!

SIX: The Easter Bunny is hooking Nora June up this year, or so I hear. He was a little perplexed about what to get for a baby girl whose drawers and toy boxes are already overflowing, so he decided to stop at the Puff Puffs. Baby's first puff is always an exciting time in this family, and if something funny/cute happens with this experience, you can more than likely find it here. Consider yourself lucky. Another Easter Bunny decided to hop into her basket early and let Nora get a sneak peek at whats to come. Spoiler Alert: it's hair bows. This baby girl finally has enough locks to clip in a clippie, and clip in we did. Hair bows, puff puffs, I'm afraid to ask what's next!

Also: Arms!

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