Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

Um, hello? Is this thing on?

i know that was cheesy, but you'll have to indulge me today. I don't feel well. I don't like to complain about illness, yet here I am. Today was not the best start to summer break, and my poor kids were left to fend for themselves. I fed the baby and made lunch at one point, but mostly I asked them to grab the thermometer, hand me the remote, and practice their inside voices. However, today's state of mind does not excuse the fact that I haven't blogged in a week; so I'm here with a Five on Friday roundup. If you're a blogger and feel like emptying your brain of five random thoughts from the week, there's still time to link up with Darci at The Good Life Blog. Maybe it'll even make you feel better?

ONE: I'm crossing my fingers as tight as I can that whatever is plaguing me vacates overnight because I have a busy Saturday planned. After spending the morning at church with a bunch of my favorite Catholic kids, I'll be hanging out with a bunch of my favorite bloggers at a Southwest Arkansas Blogger meetup. We have big plans to get hands-on with our blogging questions, stuff our faces with food, and laugh as much as possible. Sounds like a good time to me!

TWO: School's out! Nathan has officially checked out of first-grade and I am so proud of the progress he's made since August. From reading comprehension to fractions to the terrifying bubble tests, this school year was much different than it was in 1991. He tackled everything with amazing skill, but I knew he was in need of a break. He's got a busy summer schedule, but I pray it goes by as slowly as possible. I don't know if I'm mentally prepared for second-grade homework.

THREE: Last Saturday a group of friends and I partied like we were 30. It was a co-birthday celebration for my BFF Abby and I that was basically an excuse to get together, eat cake, and let our children stay with grandparents. Our evening consisted of too many margaritas, a trip to our beloved Outback Steakhouse in a minivan, and a radio dial tuned to XM's 90s on 9 the entire way there and back. I loved spending the end of this decade with some of my favorite people, and I'm excited to see what the next one brings. {I'm assuming we'll continue to know all the words to Gangsta's Paradise.}

{Disclaimer: This is my most recent garden photo and not an accurate representation. Still cute.}

FOUR: I don't have updated pictures because this week has been full of glorious summer rain, but our backyard garden is doing great. Hopefully I can get out there next week and gather some proof. The boys' watermelon and squash plants are taking off, and you wouldn't believe the green beans were a packet of seeds less than a month ago. Other than one little sad tomato that's trying hard to catch up, everything is lush and green and healthy. Yeah, I better document that while I still can!

FIVE: Nana's pool was nicely broken in for Summer 2014 last weekend. Nathan jumped into the pool headfirst, and took to the water like he'd been swimming all his life, Owen moved from apprehensive to frighteningly fearless in the blink of an eye, and Nora was basically indifferent. It was her first dip in the pool, and she seemed okay as long as her brothers kept the face splashing to a minimum. I have a feeling she'll warm up to it the more often she goes, but for now she was happy to show off her swimsuit on the patio. PS: You better believe this is just the beginning when it comes to pool pictures. We have big plans this summer, and they revolve around this particular backyard.

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