Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nora {Ten Months}

I seem to have lost track of the regularly scheduled programming, y'all.

Last week I remember glancing at the calendar and noticing Nora's ten-month mark was coming up soon. Better get that sticker ready, I thought to myself. I mentally circled Saturday, May 10 on the calendar, and knowing I'd be away at youth convention, I reminded myself to get it done early the following week. As I packed into an elevator with half a dozen yawning teenagers Saturday morning, I commented on the fact that my baby girl hit ten months. Then I realized I was wrong. So sue me. Apparently Nora was born July 8, making last Thursday the actual date in question. Honestly, though, I don't think she has changed too much in six days. Anyway, this was a big production to state the following: my daughter is in double digit months and still as cute as can be.

In the interest of not making you wait any longer, here is a brief rundown of all things Nora from the past 30 {plus} days:

  • Nora is the biggest pacifer lover I've ever had. Both boys spit theirs out for the last time around six months, and I've only heard about the trials of getting rid of it from close friends. At this point, I don't think she's obsessed with it. She just needs it to sleep, and to calm her, and when she's playing with her toys.... Uh oh.

  • This chunky monkey is still stationary. She looks like she's going to take off crawling, though. Despite her disgust for tummy time and being made to lift her heavy body from the carpet, she is one flexible babe. While sitting on her bottom {which she does like a boss} she reaches as far as she can with both hands, ready to go. I have a feeling her initial crawling will involve dragging her legs behind her, but whatever works, right?

  • Nora can't move on purpose yet, but she's a professional at moving on accident. When she reaches in the way described above, her little heinie is momentarily lifted toward the direction of her reach. When it lands once again, it's usually in a new spot. This scooting has gotten her clear across the living room, and into things like the DVD player, bags of chips, and crayons. Hmmm, seems like I'm using the word "accident" incorrectly here.

  • This little lady may be a bit slow on the physical tricks of babyhood, but that doesn't mean she can't put on a show. Pat-a-cake, peekaboo, and waving are a handful of the entertainment she'll dole out when she feels like it. All three make her giggle beyond belief, too. This girl's giggle starts deep, rises up and out, and is powerful enough to topple over her 25-pound frame. It is, hands down, the best.

  • More words are starting to come from those rosy lips, too. She's got mama down pat, though I'm not really sure she knows it's me as much as it's a sound we like for her to make. Her Nannie claims she knows her by name and I've heard "Nana" slip a few times, too. Another addition to Nora's vocabulary is "hi hi hi" which {if you're lucky} she will do with a wave. Owen always swears she can say her name, his name, his brother's name, and "Oh, Toodles!" I'm not sure whether to believe all that, but I'm going to err on the side of yes. Yes, she can.

  • Ten months in means we're only two months away from celebrating Nora's first birthday. How in the heck did that even happen!? I typically start the party planning process around two months prior. I begin by nailing down a general idea and a date. Our summer calendar is packed full of birthdays, vacation, and visiting friends, so I've known the date for a while. Now for the fun part! Girl parties will be a whole new world of pink streamers, bright flowers, and never-before-googled themes. Bring it on, Pinterest.

We hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, friends. Also, I assure you Nora isn't angry with me for forgetting her birthday, and then forgetting to write about how sweet she is for a few days.

See? Not mad at all...

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