Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sunshine Spoiled

We have spent A TON of time outside lately.

We stuck our shovels in the ground and declared it the season for outdoors. We have been planting our vegetable garden, pushing swings full of children, and letting our bare feet sink in the soft grass. The temperatures have been hot enough for shorts, but mild enough to keep us relatively sweat-free. My backyard smells like tomatoes and the loud voices and laughter that typically bounce off the walls of my home now sail into the blue sky. We live for this time of year.

Some Clarifications:
Yes, that is Owen in the pool. This is his version of "I'm going to put my toes in."
Yes, that is a picture of two Bauer Boys behind a locked door. They lived.
Yes, that is the cutest baby face you've ever seen.
Carry on.

The late spring that warms to early summer is my favorite time of year, and that could be because I don't feel bad about pushing my boys through the backdoor. I pry them from the worn spots in front of the television and they figure it out. They lie on the grass, stare at the clouds, and find bears, rockets, and the occasional potty. They learn how to space their watermelon plants, and why they can no longer dig in the dirt that houses cucumber seeds. They walk a little further on each adventure, and get a little braver every day. Nora and I simply watch from the porch swing.

That's a good enough reason for a lack of stories in this space, don't you think? If we haven't been outside soaking up the sun, we've been at church running our youth group and working toward our biggest event of the school year. It's been a busy week, but it's been a good week. I hope yours has been equally sunny. Now that Wednesday night is over, and the garden is finally planted {check back next week for all the details}, I drove home today with zero plans.

Unfortunately, today is different. I've been spoiled all week while letting my bunch roam free to all four corners of our yard, running and squealing and laughing and playing. The backdoor is closed, and we've listened to the sound of the rain beating against it since Nathan put his backpack on the kitchen floor. You won't be surprised when I tell you this wild rumpus does not take well to inside voices. This mama is in need of a quiet spot on the couch, a cleaning fairy, and the return of sunshine. Lord knows the rain is something we need, and our baby plants are drinking it up this afternoon, but these boys are officially set on outside mode.

Maybe this calls for a couple pairs of brand-new rain boots?

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