Friday, May 23, 2014


{Shout out to Dena for the awesome photos}

This weekend will be an important one for those two.

Saturday will mark the final day for me and my best friend of twenty-two glorious years to call ourselves twenty-somethings. My big 3-0 is still weeks away, but Abby's birthday is Sunday. That's why today I want to celebrate what's been one amazing decade. We have learned so many lessons in our twenties, some the easy way, and most the hard, but the best thing about going through these formative years was doing it together. I'd venture to say a couple of the best years of our lives took place, and most coincided with the legal purchase of alcohol. Go figure? Our twenties were about trading freedom for responsibility, childhood for adulthood, selfishness for selflessness, and starting to learn what to do with what we've been given. It's been a roller coaster of sad tears, happy tears, and countless tear-inducing laughs. There's been a state line between us for most of our twenties, but we still faced them together. Just like we always have.

This weekend will mark the last hurrah of our collective twenties with a joint birthday bash, and then I imagine we will easily transition to even better hurrahs as thirty-somethings. However, this will not be our first time to party. This weekend was the end to one of the hardest secrets I'd ever kept. Abby's Texas BFF contacted me about a month ago to invite me to a surprise party for the girl from whom I keep zero secrets. The girl who's on my speed dial anytime I hear something worth telling. I knew this was going to be complicated, but I'm proud to report success. If you don't believe me, here's proof:

Exhibit A: Her face is basically the face the party planners and the party goers had been waiting to see for weeks. This is the face of a girl who is realizing exactly how much she is loved and the lengths we go to in order to show her.
{Hey, not blabbing is hard work!}

Exhibit B: My face. Abby may be a good actress, but I am not. This is the face of pent up anxiety, relief, and happiness all balled together. Anyone who was there would be quick to laugh about how nervous this whole thing made me. I was on pins and needles waiting for this exact moment. Also, this would probably be a good time to let you know this party had a "Saved By the Bell" theme. Side ponies aren't a regular fashion staple for me.

This party was such a blast, y'all, and I can guarantee you that Abby loved it. A HUGE thank you to the crew who put it together, for not only celebrating her in this way, but for being such wonderful friends. Y'all are an important part of her life, and I love seeing it firsthand. She has a fantastic support group, and I know you guys are aware of what you have in Abby.

Prior to party time, we were asked to write a letter for the birthday girl. At some point in my rambling, I penned three important memories for each of the years we've known each other, starting with second-grade cheer camp. However, I think the best is yet to come. Thirty has a lot of promise, and although we have no idea what's to come, I know we'll be together. No number of miles can prevent that, and no twists in life's path will alter it. I am blessed to have Abby in my life. She's, like, totally radical, dude.

Today I will prepare for round two of dirty thirty celebrations by cleaning house, making a grocery list, and preparing to ship off my children. I'm sure I'll be back next week for a recap after recovery, but for now I will leave you with an early celebration of my favorite. Here are thirty of the best words to describe her:

Here's to the two last days of your twenties, Abby!
Hope y'all have one wonderful weekend.

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