Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dirty Thirty Beach Bash

The crow's feet, the laugh lines, and the inability to get carded have all set in.

I am a few days into my thirties, and while the above is {somewhat} tongue-in-cheek, I am pleased to report I'm feeling fine. Aside from a few lessons learned in my twenties, thirty doesn't seem much different. I have to tell you, however, it does help to be typing this from a balcony that overlooks the Gulf Coast, and it didn't hurt that the decade started with a surprise party.

I knew we were headed to my parents' for birthday lunch and a dip in the pool, what I didn't know was that my parents, husband, and in-laws were in cahoots all week gathering decorations, naming food, and planning a fabulous beach-themed party. One of the first things I said after looking over each amazing detail was, "This is just like one of my kid's parties." Apparently this was precisely the intention. I am so honored that they put so much thought and effort into doing something to make me feel good. I may need to turn thirty more often {and that very well may happen}. Without further ado, let's check out the details:

From the cheese ball Beach Balls to the veggie straw Pool Noodles, the party food did not disappoint. Pitchers of margaritas were ready to roll by noon and it was hard to keep Owen's fingers out of the colorfully decorated funfetti cake. And these little snacks were just the beginning. After appetizers, my family and I enjoyed surf and turf in the form of steak and crab legs, with a side of roasted veggies, stuffed mushrooms, baked potatoes, grilled asparagus, and more. It makes me full just remembering the amount of food I consumed. No one left hungry, I'll tell you that.

This must be me praying over the cake and the fact that we lit thirty entire candles on it.

The decorations were just as wonderful as the food, too. Anchors and palm trees and beach balls, oh my! There was color everywhere and I continued to notice their little touches throughout the afternoon. I mean, there were gummy bears floating in life saver rings in jello waves. Come on! Don't tell my kids, but this might have been the cutest party I've attended.

Better step up my game for my July babies.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, and thank you to my family for knowing just how to make this girl feel spectacular. I wasn't too worried about staring a new chapter, and that's due to the excellent cast of characters by my side. My birthday started with Owen snuggles, Nathan kisses, and the best slobbers Nora has to offer. All the vacations, presents, parties, and Facebook posts can't top that {although all are much appreciated!}.

Shout out to this party-planning seester!

Have an extra happy Saturday, y'all.

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LifeAsAConvert said...

Looks like a great party!

Jessica Bauer said...

It was wonderful, and I still can't believe that I knew nothing about it! :) Thanks so much for stopping by and giving it a read.

Unknown said...

Now that is an amazing party!

Unknown said...

Happy, Happy! The 30s are a great decade, embrace it friend. And, ENJOY!