Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nora {Eleven Months}

There's only one sticker left in the pack, y'all.

When I snagged this set, I had no idea who the girl behind the numbers would be. Would she be petite and have curly hair? Would she have a short temper and a big appetite? At eleven months old, I don't think I could have dreamed up this beautiful blonde if I tried. I sound like a broken record, but this month has been a big one for getting to know my daughter. Her bright blue eyes tell all the words she can't get her mouth to form, and if you cheer for something she does, you're in for life. Giggle after giggle after sloppy wet kiss, Nora has morphed into an active, intelligent, tiny person. We have far to go when it comes to figuring out who she is, but this has been a fun start. To tide you over before birthday month begins {and you know that's going to be a doozie}, here are some facts about Nora Lately:

  • Baby Bauer faced big changes in her routine last week. After spending the majority of her first year with her beloved Nannie, she transitioned to join Owen at Mrs. Keri's house on the days I work. Knock on wood, this is the easiest daycare change I've ever witnessed. It probably helps that Owen is there, but she quickly latched onto her new babysitter and is fascinated by all the other kids. Maybe getting to interact with other babies is the reason behind the following fact...

  • Nora June is on the move! This baby girl has turned into a roly poly, going back to front and front to back with ease. I'm well aware that eleven months is far past the marker for this milestone, but as long as she's hitting them and progressing, in her own time is fine with this mama. Now I just have to be on call to help her when she gets wedged beneath the coffee table.

  • Nora has been exploring her taste buds lately and those four teeth do an impressive job. We are still keeping a small stock of pureed peas and carrots, but she knows no limitations. She's been known to put away a bowl of mac and cheese, gnaw on a cheese stick, and make her way through a Wheat Thin. Honestly, if food is anywhere near her pie hole, the legs start kicking and the little mouth is open wide. She is not picky.

  • Nora is officially a multi-trick pony. She can click her tongue, wave goodbye, dance a jig, and proclaim "uh oh!" on command. I better start charging for this show, right? She also knows that "Yay, Nora" means it's time to clap her hands, and the highest of fives is in order. Harvard bound, pretty much.

  • After a very brief debate, we settled on a birthday theme for our first girl party. We are going with the classic style of my hometown and decking the house out in shades of green and pink for a super sweet watermelon shindig. I'm still clueless on the details, but I do know Nora and guests alike will be chowing down on a slice of the good life.

Well, friends, that's it from us tonight. I hope you and yours had a fantastic weekend and I wish you an even better Sunday night to cap it off. This post's subject is already snoozing in her crib, her brother's eyes are drooping fast, and the other brother seems awfully comfortable under a blanket on the couch. I'll soon answer the call of the ice cream in my freezer and revel in the part of my day where I'm not referred to as Mom {or Spiderman, for that matter}. See you soon!

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