Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Play Date

Do the Bauer Boys know how to party or what?

What my camera didn't capture was the look of relief on the mamas' faces when this scene appeared after these three went completely bananas for a good half hour. They are not technology zombies, scout's honor. Also, our babies were there somewhere, too, I think...

The Bauer Bunch, their tired mother, and their well-prepared Nana took a quick vacation to the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area last weekend. We had two goals: visit my brother and sister-in-law while taking on the Fort Worth Zoo, and attend our good friend Eva's Wild West birthday party. On the way there, however, the boys' focus narrowed. "Are we going to the hotel?" was asked approximately 53 times in the four hours it took us to get there. I am not exaggerating. Ask my mom. One bottle, two bathroom stops, and a viewing and a half of Frozen later, we made it. You would have thought we hit the lottery. There was a swimming pool, for goodness' sake, and complimentary breakfast you can eat in a cafeteria. And that's not all folks, there were TWO BEDS. We learned the downside quickly, and that was a room on the third floor. I'd like to offer an apology to anyone who stayed on floors one and two at the Lewisville Homewood Suites last weekend. I'll leave it at that.

Considering how psyched they were about a hotel stay, the kids were decent sleepers. Nora took a little more convincing than usual, but didn't wake once she gave in. Nathan went to sleep when I told him to {love that kid} and Owen drifted off while imitating baby animals. We headed to the zoo {aptly referred to as Tommy's Zoo - Owen lays claim to the one in Arkansas} bright and early. While I was busy wrangling my children in a mass of hundreds more, my camera stayed beneath the stroller. Lucky, Prepared Nana snapped a few shots between fawning over the baby elephants and taking relief from the heat in the reptile house. Thanks, Nana!

I promise Nora is in there. She's the one in the stroller beneath the blanket.

After the zoo we cooled down in the pool and Owen let loose. Jumping off the edge, asking me to dunk him, and kicking his legs like there was no tomorrow. His swim teacher would be in shock, but that's how it goes with this guy. In his own time is an understatement. Once we dried off, we invited our favorite girls over to play in the hotel. Shenanigans occurred, giggles filled the air, and Abby and I once again marveled at the fact that we made people. Blows my mind every time. Once we settled and passed out the cell phones {don't judge}, we said our goodbyes and rested up for a riding, roping party. I once again leaned on Abby's BFF Dena, who specializes in taking the best photographs at events {even ones she throws herself} and then sharing them. Thanks, Dena!

OH! There are those sweet babies.

Although Owen talked about pony rides for weeks, and kept talking as the ponies unloaded into Abby's suburban neighborhood, he did exactly what I figured he'd do. He panicked. I don't blame the kid, either. However, Nathan was happy to ride, Nora was happy to sit, and Owen was brave enough to pet:

He was pleased to find one that was more his speed in Abby's living room:

It's been so wonderful to see my best friend so often this summer. I think this has been the most time we've spent together in years and I have been soaking up every minute. This particular trip was awesome because despite the nerves severed and gray hairs sprouted from answering "Are we there yet?" one million times, I love seeing these little buddies together. Thankfully, we decided to have a lot of babies at the same time, so our summer of fun is far from over. These girls will be back our way for Nora's bash in a few weeks. Yay!

Now, I need a breather just from remembering all that. Happy Hump Day, friends!

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