Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

{snapped on our 2012 trip}

I spent the last thirty-seven minutes looking for a purple pacifier.

I've poured three cups of milk and one cup of Hawaiian Punch, I've used a thermometer two different ways and administered proper medicine, I've reheated my coffee and started a laundry load that did not smell good, I've separated a fight and saved a bracelet from the toilet, and it's only 7:30. Contrary to my introduction here, I'm not here to whine. I'm here to set up the fact that in the very, very near future I'm going on vacation. Today I'm here to talk about why.

I sat in my stylist's chair this week, sprucing up my locks and lightening the ends in true I-am-almost-thirty fashion, and I mentioned how excited I was about my upcoming trip. This year Jonathan and I decided to splurge. This is the year I'm turning 30, darn it, and we need to celebrate on a beach somewhere, with a fully stocked cooler and nary a sand toy in sight. So, we made it happen. For the first time in eight years, we are going on an extended vacation solo.

Back to the salon. Jaws dropped when they caught my drift. We were going on a beach vacation and the kids won the prize of staying at their grandparents' house. They questioned how in the world we were able to pull this off without a) our kids slashing the tires out of jealousy, b) leaving early because we missed them, and c) being able to enjoy ourselves sans guilt.

Sure, Nathan was a little bummed when he heard he wasn't getting to go this year, but that's okay. Disappointment doesn't ruin lives and I helped him get excited about a week of spoiling. Owen and Nora are fine with it, but even if they weren't, this time alone is important. I will miss them, I will worry about them, and I'll need to know exactly what they're doing at all hours of each day, but I am more than just a mother. And the other parts of me need a chance to shine.

I love my kids dearly, more than anything else in the world, but I need a break. I need time alone with my husband to reconnect, late mornings to recharge, and solo afternoons against the white sand. I was lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity, so I grabbed it.

You know what's hard to do as a mother? Admit what you want to do, and then actually do it. To many, this is exactly what becoming a parent means. The days of doing what we want are long gone... because, kids. You want to know a secret? I don't feel bad at all for doing this. Not even a tiny bit. Maybe this says something about my character, but there it is. This will be the longest I've ever been away from my kids and some serious Face Time will go down, but I'm going to have a blast.

Also, major shout out to the grandparents who are allowing this to happen. We can book the reservation and pack the sunscreen on our own but if the bunch didn't have a place to go, this wouldn't happen. Thanks to them, I will celebrate my thirtieth in style, and I will come back with a clear head, tan skin, and open arms.

Moral: It's okay to want a break from your kids and it's okay to actually take one. It won't hurt them to be away from you {so long as you have proper childcare and whatnot} and it won't hurt you to be more than a mother every once in a while. Your kids may even appreciate it. Lord knows mine might think I'm a different person when sunny Florida sends me home.

Whether it's a weekend getaway, a quick date night, or a full-fledged summer vacation, take time to take care of yourself.

{No babies were harmed in the taking of these photos. Sleepy, yes. Mocked, yes. Pitiful, yes. Harmed, no.}

Happy Saturday, y'all!

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LifeAsAConvert said...

Your babies are adorable.

Lisa Loves John said...

You sound like a supermama, girlfriend!! I am so excited for your well deserved vacation with your hubby :) :)