Saturday, July 5, 2014


This little firecracker celebrated her last first holiday in style, y'all.

The Bauer Bunch spent the first half of their Independence Day decking the halls in shades of pink and green and preparing as many watermelon dishes as creativity {and Pinterest} allowed. Today is my sweet baby's first birthday party, but that doesn't mean we forgot to let freedom ring last night. Once the finishing touches were placed and my kitchen was the pinkest it has ever been, we packed our swimsuits, bug spray, and a collection of beverages, and set our sights on my parents' house. First order of business was obviously to sit Nora in the grass and take pictures of her on her first Fourth of July:

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Second order of business was making a splash! Both boys took swimming lessons this year, but only one decided to comply with the teacher {bet you can't guess which one}. However, while we were away in Florida, Owen's grandparents convinced him to wear floaties and that opened a new world. His determined face was set in stone as he paddled across the shallow end and refused any help. He loved bouncing his whole head under, and he jumped from the side with a request of "don't touch me." Among his jump repertoire: cannon ball, pizza ball, and sausage ball:

It's a given Nathan was the pro at swim lessons, right? It was his third year to go, and I don't know if there's much more he can learn. He spent most of the afternoon darting across the deep end, working on his dive, and letting his Daddy push him as deep as possible. I thought he would be afraid after the first attempt to swim in the depths, but he popped up smiling. These little fish take after their mama:

However, it seems they got their Daddy's genes when it comes to fireworks {sorry to sell you out, Jonathan}. After a delicious picnic dinner of burgers and fixings, both boys were pumped as we waited for night to fall. When the time was right, the four of us {we left Nora sleeping} loaded into the grandparents' golf cart and made our way to the church in town that hosts a spectacular display every Fourth. Owen's eyes started to widen and the grip around my hand was tight as we parked and walked through the dark field to find a spot. His mouth kept saying he was excited, but his telltale movements said otherwise. After a few minutes, Jonathan located the glow stick stand and both boys relaxed:

Nana and Grampa joined us, but not for long. Four hands were glued to ears as the booms filled the air, and Owen scrambled into his Daddy's chest. He watched for about 20 seconds, and then the sobs came. His grandparents were nice enough to walk him back, and Nathan watched in amazement as light filled the sky. This year's display was awesome, and I'm happy Nathan let his love of beautiful things outweigh his fear of loud noises:

Throughout the display, I kept hearing, "This is AWESOME! Did you SEE that?! Keep it coming!" Also, there were a few instances of, "I miss Owen." Poor guy. I think last year was the first time Nathan stayed for the whole thing, so I bet his little brother will get there eventually.

As of right now, the small ones are eating Fruit Loops, the big one is still asleep, and I'm enjoying my coffee before the birthday bash begins. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen a sneak peek or two, but be sure and check back here for the full report. I'm already taking bets on whether she'll eat most or all of the smash cake. Happy Saturday!

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