Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nora {Twelve Months}

We have reached the end, my friends.

The last sticker of the pack was removed from its backing, stuck on a baby, and photographed. It's hard to believe that scrawny little six-pound baby doll I once propped into the white rocker has grown into the gorgeous full-size doll you see above. It seems to be the same with every child, and it probably is the same with every mother, but it's a hard feeling to fight. I feel like I heard her cry for the first time yesterday, but sometimes I struggle to remember a time before her. She is wrapped around both brothers' fingers, the apple of her Daddy's eye, and a light in my life that warms me head to toe.

{yes, even when she's making that face. mostly.}

Today we wish Nora a happy first birthday and, as Owen put it, watch her graduate from little baby to giant baby. Over the past twelve months, I have documented first smiles, first teeth, first tastes of food, and first physical altercations. To close out the first year of Nora June's life, I figure we better continue with the regularly scheduled programming:

  • She may only have four teeth, but this girl can eat. Gone are the days of veggies in the processor, and now we just make sure her food doesn't have sharp edges. This week alone she's enjoyed her first quesadilla, bowl of cereal, and potato chip. The last one was a lesson in leaving food on the floor, but what are you going to do?

  • On the same line, a few days ago we ran out of formula. Since her birthday was coming, and formula is fashioned from powdered gold, we decided to switch to milk. After a few shocked shudders, Nora got used to the cold and drained her bottle like a champ. Yes, I said bottle. Yes, this time around is going to be just as hard as last time. There's something about taking a baby's bottle away that just gets to me. But I digress.

  • Nora is not technically crawling yet, but she will get where she's going. She can scoot across a room in seconds, and sometimes fall into an army crawl/scoot hybrid. She's even quicker if there's a desired toy {or a chip} across a room. She's also learned it's easier to barrel roll to her destination. I imagine crawling will come soon, but she is capable for now. Those chunky arms and legs are getting stronger, and she is progressing physically a little each day.

  • This baby girl is a Flirt {capitalization necessary}. Her daddy says she gets it from her mama, but I don't know. She makes the best eyes through the crib railing every morning, and the squeals for her daddy are beyond compare. Those bright blue eyes tell every thought she's thinking. She'll stretch out her arm during church to hold hands with whomever is behind her, and she'll fire up a game of peek-a-boo with anyone who notices she covered her eyes. Attention suits Nora just fine.

  • The vocabulary is still on a roll for Nora. She doesn't have a huge collection of actual words, but she knows exactly what she's saying. Da Da has been added to the list this month, and there is zero doubt who she is talking about. She's also at the stage where she can understand more than she can say. She'll follow simple commands {good puppy} and is a good listener, especially when compared to her brothers.

  • Just because she's quick with kisses and high fives doesn't mean Nora is always sweet. When I asked Jonathan what to include for this update, his first inclination was sass. That temper flares up fast when she doesn't get her way {also no clue where she got this one}. Maybe Owen is playing with a toy she wants, or the snuggles last a bit too long, or someone is eating without her, and it begins. She's one of those kids whose face completely changes color with anger and she Hulks out. Funny how babies become tiny people, isn't it?

  • The sticker photos have come to a close. I did ask Nathan if I could turn Nora's eight-month sticker into an 84 {he said no}. Despite the fact that my stickers have run out, I'm sure you'll hear all about her progress as she transitions out of babyhood. However, I think it's time to review. Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for {although, maybe it's just me}, Nora June in Twelve Months:

    Just look at that, friends. Take in the squish. Notice her move from a little blob I stuffed in the corner of the chair to looking like she'll jump out at any minute. From a peanut head dwarfed by her headbands to a great, big beautiful face. From dark blue eyes we were unsure would stay to crystal clear baby blues that can melt any heart. She's grown up to be a funny, gorgeous, sweet little baby, and I can't wait to see what the next year holds.

    Happy Birthday, Baby Nora!

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