Sunday, July 6, 2014

One Sweet Party


Nora discovered sugar this weekend, and life was sweet.

This baby girl has brought us so much sweetness over the past year, we felt it fitting for her birthday party to be watermelon themed. Thanks to our wonderful family {and practically family} members, the celebration was a major success. Nora is one amazing addition to our family, and I loved seeing everyone show her that. Despite being completely exhausted by the end of the day, she was a fairly happy camper the entire time. From learning how to open presents to experiencing her first sugar rush, Nora was a natural center of attention.

Her actual birthday isn't until Tuesday, so the promised monthly sticky photo and one-year update is still on its way; however, I thought I'd pop in this evening with some party highlights and plenty of baby-covered-in-cake photos. I think we ought to go in order, so we're starting with some of the pre-Nora food:

Pinterest and I had a serious working relationship with this party {meaning other people thought of it and I copied}. I was surprised at how much of the theme I could work into the food, aside from the obvious. We had the most delicious zesty watermelon salsa {recipe here}, frozen watermelon on a stick {a complete hit}, watermelon balls, sour watermelon candy, and little watermelon number ones. There was also a platter of Hawaiian ham sandwiches to counter everything, as well as raisins masquerading as watermelon seeds and green grapes as baby watermelons. We even washed it down with water, hold the melon. The amount of leftovers was surprisingly scarce this time around, but the birthday girl did not approve of every dish. She likes watermelon, but apparently not frozen, nor on a stick:

As for party decor, pink was the goal. I could have done traditional watermelon and stuck to reds and greens, but this was my first girly party, and the pink kept coming. Polka dots also worked their way in, from tableware to balloons. It all came together adorably, but I think the best decoration was the one twelve months in the making. I didn't just slap a sticker on my baby each month so I could post it here, I wanted to have a banner that showed her growth. I was very proud of the way it turned out, and the name banner my SIL made tied it all together:

The cake was created by a local woman who has done wonderful work for us in the past, and she set the bar even higher. We wanted a simple cake that looked like a watermelon slice, with a smaller piece to serve as the smash cake. And she delivered. Not only did the party guests mumble approval through big bites, Nora June decided to dive in headfirst. Of course, she didn't really know what cake was, so it took some encouraging. Once she got a taste for sugar, however, she had a one-track mind.

Once removed from the icing-covered highchair, Nora was quickly hosed off in the bath and squeaky clean for the remainder of the party. She was happy to snuggle with a few of her guests, look longingly at the leftover cake, and play with her collection of new toys. I'm sure Nora will still love to play monster trucks, but now she has the option of tea parties with baby dolls, too. She's even happy to share with her brothers:

To get perfectly mushy for just a moment, this little girl is sunshine in my life I didn't know I was missing. Thank you so much to everyone who was happy to share in my joy as we celebrated a year of hanging out with her. Nora is one outstanding little lady and as it turns out, having a daughter is pretty darn cool. This party was an incredible way to show our love for the sweetest melon in the patch:

{If you like Nora's headband, you're in luck! Click here and then enter to win one. Giveaway closes tomorrow night.}

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LifeAsAConvert said...

Adorable party theme. I am just now jumping onto the pinterest bandwagon. It was a lifesaver for my kids parties this year.

Unknown said...

That party looks amazing. She is such a cute little one year old!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you both! It was such a fun theme to work with, and Nora's cute little self made it perfect. It was a great way to celebrate this sweetie.