Thursday, July 17, 2014

Seventh Splash

It appears in the afterglow that followed my first double birthday week, I have yet to post about Nathan's big bash.

Let's fix that, shall we?

Nathan has known for months he wanted a water park party. Easy enough! Despite the fact that this was an on-location party, we still needed a theme. Because everything is awesome around our house, The Lego Movie was the obvious answer. We snagged invitations, sent them to his buds, and waited for the day to arrive. We grabbed some chips, some Oreos, and ordered one delicious Lego cake, and that was it. Once we made it to the water park in a car loaded with babies, sunscreen, and beach towels, we greeted our guests and dove in.

Owen went down the little slide by himself forty-seven times, Nora maintained her Grumpy Cat expression throughout the merriment, and Nathan learned seven is the age for facing fears. With very little encouragement from a couple older friends, he made the trek up the concrete mountain to take his first trip down the big slide.

This reserved little kid surprised me with this bold move and I beamed as I watched his body slip into the water, arms crossed on chest. He popped up, gasping and smiling. I could tell he couldn't believe himself, either. He repeated this over and over, and only paused for presents and cakes {priorities}. However, as the party was drawing to an end, he caught a nose full of water and a hard time bouncing back. I figured we'd call it a day and pack it up at that point, but he surprised me once again and got right back on that proverbial horse:

Now that the pink and green streamers have {finally} been removed, the new toys have new homes, and the leftover cake has been eaten, we're back to normal. One exciting post-birthday week twist is that Nathan has learned the value of a dollar. Well, lots of dollars. This year he received an unexpected amount of monetary gifts, and he was quick to cash in.

After adding this birthday bounty to money saved from perfect report cards, he had enough to buy something he's wanted {and we have turned down} for a long time - a Nintendo DS. Not only did this kid buy the DS and a super hero game, he had $13 left to put back in his piggy bank. I've never seen Nathan so proud to have a new toy, and it makes me think we taught him something. He's already looking forward to using second-grade report cards to buy another game.

... looks like we're off the hook?

Hope you have had a wonderful week, my friends! Be good to each other. Now I'm off to revel in the fact that I'm not throwing a party this weekend and continue to convince Owen that his birthday is in March.

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