Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grade Two, Day One

Nathan went to second grade yesterday.

There was no wailing or gnashing of teeth {for either one of us}. There was zero hesitation as Nathan got dressed and munched on mini muffins. I reminded him to hand his new teacher the envelope full of lunch money and he double-checked with his dad about which door would get him to the right hall. I could tell he was anxious to see what would happen, but I knew he was telling the truth when he said he wasn't scared. He said he had it under control, and he did. He had a fantastic day and woke up willing to return.

Not too earth-shattering of a first day post, is it? Instead of telling you how I wept for my baby all day {further reading for kindergarten mamas here} or how Nathan came home a mess of tears {further reading for first-grade mamas here}, I'll let him paint you a picture. Here are five of the coolest things I learned about second grade from the car line to the driveway:

  • There's a poster of a skeleton on the wall, books about the Wild West on the shelf, and a pet turtle named Sheldon. Apparently, second-graders get to learn more than sight words. Nathan assured me that science and social studies were both on the menu, and asked if they'll start doing potions this year. I didn't have the heart to tell him he has to wait a few years before his Hogwarts letter arrives.

  • There's no bathroom in the classroom, unlike the kindergarten and first-grade days of yesteryear. Get this, you actually have to ask permission to go out into the hallway, and walk down to the boys' bathroom reserved for only the eldest of primary students. Also, sometimes there are people you know from other classes in the bathroom and you get to say hi to them.

  • In second-grade, not only do you move to another hall, you move to an entirely new playground. The one with the incredibly daunting metal slide. The height draws out your fear, but the feel of metal in August is the stuff of nightmares. However, there is a jungle gym over there that's "much higher" than the one on the "old playground" and Nathan said he quickly made it to the top.

  • There are assigned chores. Never in my life have I heard Nathan so excited about being asked to do a chore. "Today I got to carry the trash cans out to the janitor when he came by AND then put them back! And even better - tomorrow I get to WATER. THE. PLANTS. at the end of the day." He's going to lose his mind when it's his turn to feed the turtle.

  • The pizza is just as delicious as he remembered it. Naturally, the school will bust out the best of its lunches on Day One {they wait to introduce the Salisbury steak} and Nathan was happy to leave his new lunch box at home. Square pizza with grey sausage is his favorite. "I even opened my milk carton by myself on the first try!"

  • I hope all of the little {and big} Arkansas kids had an awesome first day at school. For those who didn't, however, I've been there and will probably be there again. I promise it gets better. For both of you. Happy Tuesday, y'all. And welcome back!

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    Jennifer said...

    This post brings back so many memories---from when I was a student myself and from when I was a classroom teacher. I'm so glad (for both of you) that second grade is off to a great start!

    Jamie said...

    This made my heart smile!

    Unknown said...

    How fun! I love the perspective of a 2nd grader. Hope he has a fabulous year!

    Unknown said...

    Taking out the trash is fun in 2nd grade? Oh, I can't wait!!