Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five: Confessions

Today is Friday. Let us rejoice.

This week has been a trial for me and much more so for a handful of people in my life. I have three rather big unspoken prayer requests, if you would like to jump on board. I may get to them eventually, but in the meantime, I know these people would appreciate your support.

Friday Five is a good excuse for dumping out the thoughts roaming in my brain, but today I'm going for a more organized approach. In the Bauer House, Friday is Mom Day. I am off of work, Nathan and Jonathan go to their respective schools and jobs, and I'm left to make sure Nora and Owen are cared for to the best of my abilities. *ahem* How about a hearty round of Mom Confessions?

  • NUMBER ONE: Owen used a Cheeto to lure his sister into his bedroom for post-nap play {please know "post-nap" is a lie}. Using the very door that prohibits girls from entering, he has trapped her. I hear sirens, gunshots, and laughter. I'm assuming it's safe to continue eating this brownie.

  • NUMBER TWO: Nora is still wearing her pajamas. I am still wearing my pajamas. Owen is still wearing his pajamas, with one minor twist {he took off his pants}. Friday afternoons at the Bauer house are a mix of comfortable/fingers crossed the bug guy doesn't show up.

  • NUMBER THREE: Yesterday I spent almost three hours cleaning my house. When most people take to such rigorous cleaning, it usually consists of scrubbing, dusting, and an arsenal of lemon-scented products. I just picked up toys and empty Capri Suns. And vacuumed Fruit Loops.

  • NUMBER FOUR: Waffles and corn dogs served as today's lunch special. I ate a bag of popcorn while Owen pretended to take a nap.

  • NUMBER FIVE: I can think of two youth group events to plan, one person to contact about an upcoming fundraiser, one book left to finish, and a number of chores to complete around my house. But my kids are entertaining themselves. And the will is gone.

  • Happy Friday, everybody!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend. Remember to love those who need it most, don't shy away from grand adventures, and at least get out of your pajamas for a few hours.

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    Unknown said...

    We often have days where we stay in our PJs all day too. Sometimes both my kids are just in their underwear for most of the day also. You're cleaning sounds like the kind of cleaning I do, mostly just toys and Cheerios.

    I'm stopping by from the Arkansas Women Bloggers Link-up.

    Junque Rethunque said...

    I totally feel you on your three-hour cleaning spree! I spent over 2 hours the other day, got a TON done in terms of putting away toys, laundry, readjusting things out of place, and cleaning the kitchen, but I knew if I told the hubs I spent over two hours he would look around and wonder what I actually did - WE see it, right???

    Jessica Bauer said...

    Ha! I know I see it, but I can't vouch for anyone else who just happens to stop by. My cleaning struggle is real, y'all. ;)