Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday Night Lights

{No, our shirts don't feature profanity, I just didn't want to blast our hometown across the Internet.
Go, Blank Shapes!}

As a former Captain of the Band Nerds, my Friday nights have always meant football.

Maybe not in the sense that I know exactly when a two-point conversion is necessary, but more in a sing louder than the cheerleaders and don't get nachos on your spandex sort of way. Still, I know enough to get by and I dig it. I love watching the Arkansas Razorbacks, but my heart will always be with high school football.

Once we lugged our orange crew from the car to the stadium and up the narrow bleacher steps, my bunch settled in for our first game as a family of five. Owen was characteristically gun shy {he acts braver than he is} and he fought for lap space when the boys burst through their homemade sign and onto the field. Once he got over the even more terrifying balloon release, he had fun. I mean, there were dudes running into each other. Favorite!

{No pictures at the game, but there are always family photo outtakes. Bright sun is not a friend.}

Nathan's evening can be summed up in a quote: "I'm just here for the food." He muttered this as we were crossing the schoolyard and following the sea of orange. He's honest, and I'm on his side. The two boxes of popcorn and gooey order of nachos made Nathan's night, as did spotting his teacher in the wild and chatting with friends. He was also mesmerized by the band performances, which made my heart swell and my mind jump to becoming Captain of the Band Moms.

Nora rocked her orange in the best way {team headband by Sassy Sweet Pea Designs} and paid close attention to the action on the field. She yelled and clapped her hands when the crowd erupted with joy. She yelled and clapped her hands when the opposing side cheered. She was just happy to be there, really. Her only moment of panic occurred when she was denied nachos, but a finger in the cheese got her back in the game.

What a fun night for our family. No one fell off the bleachers, there was only one bathroom/snack break, and the whining stayed at a minimum. It's exciting to know my kids are all old enough to enjoy sitting beneath the Friday night lights.

Round Two of our football weekend will take place today, and we don't have to worry about coinciding bathroom breaks. Much to Owen's disappointment, we are not going to see the "Woo Pig Sooie guys" in person, but on TV. Here's to a big win for the Razorbacks over Texas A&M {fingers crossed}. I'm sure Nora's outfit can only boost the possibility of success:

If you are digging this little T-shirt dress as much as I am, please meet Keisha at K Cutie Designs. She's an Arkansas blogger friend of mine {you can read her here} and she handcrafts these outfits for little girls, big girls, and mamas, too. Perfect for game day! She features different teams and has even more non-football-related items. Make sure you tell her I sent you. Waffle not included. :)

Happy Saturday, y'all, and Woo Pig!

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