Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I am totally employable for all your ketchup graphic-related needs {I assume they are plentiful}.

Usually I attribute my lack of blogging to being lazy and/or not having a story to tell, but the first part is far from the truth. The school year is in gear and while that mostly means something for my second-grader, drudging up the routines buried since May means change for us all. Also, the school year brings a fresh crop of teenagers for me to mold and nourish and try not to mess up in my role as youth minister. This means piles of paperwork, brainstorming in the wee hours of the night, and trying to get my ducks in a row {or at least relatively close to each other}. Oh, and there's a conference this weekend... anyway, how about some catching up?

KIDS Nathan is trucking along in second-grade, and is still as happy as he was in the last post. His homework load is increasing, and he aced his first spelling and math tests. He's doing great, but I'm struggling with the fact that he is becoming his mother {that one will be a blog post of its own}. Owen, the forgotten middle child {also an upcoming post}, is still as cute as can be. When he's not being Spiderman, he's doling out snuggles and/or irritating his brother. Nora is a precious little peach who has probably thinks her name is "No, Nora." Precious.

BLOG If you've been refreshing this page and hoping for nuggets of wisdom, rest assured they're {hopefully} on their way. Inspiration is a six-hour drive away and Friday morning I'm packing up four of my favorite local bloggers and driving across the state for Arkansas Women Bloggers University. I'm a first-timer and very eager to see what it's all about! The sessions I'm looking forward to will hopefully craft my storytelling, help me channel my thoughts, and make this space much more exciting for the both of us. Aren't you glad I'm going?

HEALTH I don't like this. I don't like admitting I'm sick, I don't like taking medicine to solidify that I'm sick, and I do not like whining about being sick. But I'm sick. Summer cold style. I sometimes do an internal eye roll when people refer to their common colds as being of the summer variety, but it's a thing. Harder to cure and easier to share {that's an official medical opinion}. Jonathan quickly became the last man standing. Unfortunately, while he was busy pouring my Nyquil cocktail and suctioning noses, it got him. Words cannot describe what happens to a house when both parents are sick. I think the kids are overdue for a bath...

That's about it. Most of the hustle of my life is boring this time of year, but if something exciting happens to pop up, you'll be the first to know. Happy Tuesday!

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