Thursday, September 25, 2014


On the day that summer gave way to fall, I whisked my children outside to welcome the new season and bask in the autumnal glow.

{Truth: I conned Owen into going for a hair cut by promising him extra time on the swing set. That time was cut short after he rolled in freshly-cut grass and broke out in hives. Happy Fall, y'all.}

Although the point of this afternoon outdoors was primarily bribery, I also had a goal of getting new blog portraits to use on my social media pages. I had my camera charged, all sorts of lovely light, and three cute subjects. The problem, however, was getting from Point A to Point B. I was very pleased with the above shots showcasing their sweet faces, but for every good one, there were 50 outtakes. I'm here to share a few of those with you today. Let's start with the most obvious one, shall we? One thing you should know by now is that Owen is an adorable little boy. Another fact you may have gathered is that he is wild. It's hard to put those two together and produce a clear photo of his smiling face. However, we still got some gems:

Nathan, on the other hand, is just as cute, but the most agreeable of all the Bauer Bunch. Not only does he stop swinging just for me, he provides a happy grin while I hold down the shutter button. Therefore, every picture I took of him turned out great. No outtakes from big brother, but he happened to be involved in a few...

And then there's my sweet Baby Nora:

Here's to you working it that hard on a slow September Thursday. May your day be just as silly and include lots of time in that autumnal glow I was talking about earlier. It's pretty fantastic stuff. Have a good one, y'all!

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Love the outtakes they are all too cute