Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Babies + Bloggers

There were just as many bloggers as there were kids at the latest gathering of the Southwest Arkansas Women Bloggers.

Yes, this included all three from my bunch. When I realized this was going to be the case, I panicked. It's hard to do anything solo with all three, let alone meet up with ladies and talk shop. The fact that our shop is usually just chatting about life is beside the point. Saturday morning I told the boys the plan, and that a few other mamas were bringing kids. They were pumped to make new friends and go to the restaurant that gives out suckers. A win-win. Nora took a good nap, the boys put on their pants without question, and everyone loaded into the car a mere ten minutes past the time I had planned.

When we arrived, Nathan jumped right in beside Glitter Bug, whose wonderful mama writes at Simple Words By A. They're both in second grade and ended up having plenty in common. The best part about this budding friendship was the conversation. As much as I tried to get involved in the grownup talk, my ears kept wandering.

"So what kind of math are you working on in your class?"
"Do you like to read? Do you know the Magic Tree House series?"
"Could you show me how to draw a mermaid, do you think?"
"I'm sure we are going to be the best of friends!"

That basically happened the entire time. How on Earth did you expect me to listen to anything else? Owen was a little shy at first, but warmed up to Bug, who belongs to my buddy Karen of Ting's Mom. Once they got to know each other, they were jumping all over the place. Literally. Nora was a delight as long as I kept food in front of her, and she flirted and snuggled with everyone who talked to her.

High-fives all around, kids! This worked out so well, and the kids clicked so instantly {like their mamas} that we have vowed to do the kid thing more often. Who knows, we may be cultivating the next crop of bloggers.

I guess until then, they'll just have to be the subjects. Good thing they're cute. :)

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Unknown said...

The kid thing turned out to be a huge success. Bug is still talking about playing with Owen. Definitely need to get this younger crew together more often.

Unknown said...

I have to say this was the best meet up! I enjoyed hanging out with you ladies and for once was not worried about Glitter Bug acting wild. She has already asked when can she and Nathan hang out again.

Unknown said...

Was the Magic Treehouse question asked by Nathan?

Jessica Bauer said...

Yes, I'm so glad we all brought our kids. Both boys have been telling everybody about their new friends and asking to see them again. A family-style Christmas gathering is a must!

And Bridget, you know that was him! :) The first two are attributed to Nathan and the second two were Glitter Bug.

Unknown said...

Score one for Aunt B's literary influence! :D