Friday, October 31, 2014

Chef Daddy: Chili

You know the chill in the air has descended on southern Arkansas when it's too cold for me to walk outside barefoot.

I'm like the groundhog or something. I had to actually pull on my fuzzy slippers before loading the car for school. Classy. I'm even seeing words like "freeze warning" and the little blue counties on the overnight low map seem dangerously close to mine. What a perfect day to talk about a very easy recipe that'll warm your family. Today I'm spilling the secrets behind Chef Daddy's famous chili.

Tonight all your little ghosts, goblins, and snow queens will fill their buckets and tummies with all the candy they can find. However, dinner may need to be squeezed in somewhere. The taste of this recipe only improves over time, so this is something you can make this afternoon and heat and eat after trick-or-treating. It's your basic no-frills, no-beans kind of chili, but it's really, really good. This is what you will need to make it:

{Maybe I forgot an important ingredient and added it in post-processing. You can't tell, can you?}

I suppose you can add beans to this if you want, just don't serve it to me. You brown some meat with onions and red bell pepper. You pour a bunch of tomato sauce on top of that. You sprinkle in Jonathan's mixture of spices. You give it a taste test and add a little more, then you let it simmer until you're hungry. Easy as pie.

I like mine with a layer of cheese, a layer of Fritos, a layer of diced onions, and extra cheese for good measure. You could mix in crackers, elbow noodles {usually in mine}, or fresh jalapenos if you're feeling frisky. Be creative and make it your own! Click the recipe card above to enlarge, save it, and then whip it up on a crisp autumn night.

Oh, I guess I need to give this recipe a Nathan rating. Please do not take anything away from the following other than the fact that Nathan does not like chili. He didn't even try it, but for the sake of consistency, he was nice enough to give his Daddy a single thumb up.

He decided zero thumbs would be mean. It's not too spicy for kids, though, and if yours like chili, they will love this. Get it ready for your darling little zombies tonight, and have a Happy Halloween! Check back on Monday to see how the evening went for my super trio. Also, cross your fingers that Spiderman makes an appearance. He just asked, "Can I have at least one candy if I don't wear my suit??"

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